Shawn Fair Propels Pilot and Leadership Expert Kevin Davenport Toward the Limelight

Established authorities who have reached impressive heights know what it takes to make waves and propel oneself to the forefront. Over the years, Shawn Fair, a powerhouse in the motivational speaking and training arena, has carved a path toward success and is currently paving the way to the summit for budding speakers and aspirants ready to ace the game. Through the Leadership Experience Tour, the renowned personality allows speakers from all walks of life and different parts of the world to take center stage and impact the lives of countless individuals. This time around, he is giving the spotlight to a pilot, a professional people usually do not see on the ground and in the limelight.

Hailing from Ohio, Captain Kevin Davenport is the next powerhouse to grace the Leadership Experience Tour, the number one program in the country that places talented and gifted speakers on stage. He is set to leave an impact this coming April 10, 2021, at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Troy, Michigan, as he delves into what it means to observe high performance and practice creative leadership religiously.  

Widely-acclaimed for his distinctive approach to leadership, the mind behind Status Leadership Development is an expert in the field. He has earned recognition for capitalizing on his background as an airline pilot and a US Marine to make organizational training more effective and efficient. Over the years, he takes pride in having elevated countless teams to greater heights through his venture’s variety of services. 

Armed with an arsenal of skills and extensive experience, Kevin Davenport has cemented a reputation as an authority in professional development, team building, and more. He has not only worked and trained with leading business experts, including Brian Tracy, Eric Loom, and Shift Happens’ Jim Feldman but has also helped in the rise of some of the emerging household names of today.

His brainchild, Stratus Leadership Development, is an impressive force within the industry. Through this establishment, Kevin Davenport lends companies a hand in achieving goals and commercial objectives, enabling them to acknowledge the importance of being committed to excellence and self-development in obtaining success. 

Kevin Davenport, who is expected to continue pushing more individuals and organizations to the summit in the coming years, has racked up numerous accomplishments under his belt as a top leadership expert, business coach, communication trainer, and author. In the coming years, he is bound to expand his portfolio by becoming the driving force behind the growth of small companies. “I want to make a difference in the lives of my clients and give them a leg up in the competition,” he expounds. 

With his upcoming appearance in the Leadership Experience Tour, Kevin Davenport will do what he does best: give people the knowledge and provide them with the tools needed to turn their vision of a prosperous future into reality. By stressing the value of high performance and creative leadership in his talk, he aims to inspire action in people who are looking forward to fulfilling their personal and professional goals. 

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