Shawn Fair Names Rodney C. Burris a Powerhouse Speaker for Coveted Leadership Experience Tour

Internationally renowned coach Shawn Fair generated quite the buzz in the leadership and coaching scene when he launched his Leadership Experience Tour. The CEO of Fair Consulting Group, known for his dynamic approach to addressing global audiences, has selected engaging and influential speakers to be part of his tour over the past couple of months. The expert recently named Rodney C. Burris as part of his tour roster of speakers.

Rodney C. Burris, the son of a hardworking single mother, was raised between Baltimore and Jacksonville. Brought up in a challenging environment because his father often battled against substance abuse, Rodney did not have an easy childhood. He spent a significant chunk of his life in homeless shelters, poverty, and domestic abuse. Yet, through it all, Rodney persevered until he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from John Hopkins University. Eventually, he pursued a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Capella University.

Since then, Rodney has worked with numerous companies for their team-building activities, communication strategies, data evaluation, and program development. Today, his workshops are recognized across the United States, making him an extremely qualified speaker to engage audiences tackling inclusive leadership. Rodney uses the “edutainment” approach in his workshops, merging education and entertainment into one. He engages audiences through personal stories, giveaways, quizzes, and multimedia.

“I empower leaders to explode productivity amongst their teams through communication, mindset, and awareness training,” shared Rodney.

Rodney has trained over 300,000 individuals across 41 states and 3 countries. He has also worked with industry-leading CEOs who aim to create lasting, positive change in their respective landscapes. Rodney helps them have an effective approach to leadership founded on strong ideologies needed to effectively affect change within their organizations. On top of that, Rodney has conducted online speaking and coaching engagements that have been attended by thousands of viewers and participants worldwide.

Furthermore, Rodney has traversed across four cities to facilitate the Diversity Leadership Program, bringing together multinational, regional, and local business leaders in a series of immersed three-day face-to-face experiences, where they were given the opportunity to meet a culturally diverse pool of talents. The event paved the way for businesses to hire competent individuals, allowed them to increase sales, offer scholarships and internships, and expand their markets. 

Rodney began his journey in personal development training back in 2005. “I had a lot of fun with the audiences and believed that I was giving them very helpful information. I had no idea, however, that my words, impact, and delivery in those sessions were life-changing or transformational. It was not until one day, a young high school student came up to me after one of my sessions in Delaware and tearfully shared with me that before today, she didn’t believe any of this was for her, but now she believes it is,” the coach recalled. 

At that moment, Rodney realized the power he has to impact people. Since then, he has invested time and effort into finding his voice and the message he wants to share with the rest of the world. As a result, Rodney began planting seeds in the hearts of lifelong learners everywhere and has taken an active role in their transformational experiences. 

Rodney shared his call to action for leaders worldwide: “As leaders, we are actively working on becoming different and better every single day, for the benefit of both ourselves and those we serve starting today.”

To learn more about Rodney C. Burris and his upcoming participation on Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour, visit his website.


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