Shawn Fair: Creating Opportunities in the US for Talented Speakers From the UK

The launch of Fair Consulting Group’s Leadership Experience Tour marked professional excellence and leadership for individuals across the United States. Founded by Shawn Fair, the organization functions under the direction of one of the esteemed authorities in leadership and management. Under his programs, talented and ambitious individuals are launched to the forefront of their respective industries—an excellent example of which is distinguished published speaker Nina Aouilk.

Nina Aouilk is a Business Mentor and Life Coach especially inclined to actors, radio DJs, athletes, and ex-athletes with a proven track record of unleashing her clients’ maximum potential through empowerment, guidance, and care. Each program she creates is specifically catered to the clientele’s diverse needs, whether personal or professional. As a speaker with the innate quality of authenticity in communication, the rapport she quickly establishes with each of her clients is instrumental in coaching for effective personal and professional development.

In any business with a desire to be successful, Nina extends her knowledge to create strategic plans to keep them ahead of their competition. She liberates corporations and executives of any underlying mental limitations with her coaching. Further, she applies the principles she teaches her clients to raise her children: the eldest daughter graduated as a dentist, a son in the 4th year of his medical education, and another son who is steadily showing improvement in his mental health as his mother facilitates recovery.

The past does not determine the present. For Shawn Fair, any person with the potential and drive for greatness belongs in his community of like-minded individuals providing support as each embarks on their own journey to success. 

Nina Aouilk is the historical first person chosen to represent the Leadership Experience Tour in the United Kingdom. Each enterprise serves as an opportunity to unlock her potential to be a fantastic storyteller and motivational speaker. Her resilience, commitment to vision, creativity, and resourcefulness found her under the guidance of Shawn Fair.

Nina’s strength of character comes from a series of harrowing events following her ex-partner’s attempt to murder her. Unfortunately, her escape from him meant leaving behind her home, possessions, and support for herself and her son. “Hard work and sheer determination are the only things needed when you are left with nothing,” Nina says as she detailed the hardships she had gone through. Despite these hurdles, she is proof that a person can be anything she desires as long as she believes. Today, she excels in running several businesses, including a commercial property development company she owns, and her exceptional interpersonal skills only work to her advantage.

Fair Consulting Group is a company giving opportunities for individuals to inspire people by detailing their personal experiences with trials and triumphs. Building a community of like-minded individuals with a passion for personal and professional growth and development allows the broadening of perspectives of its members. Today, with the Leadership Experience Tour, it is establishing new horizons for budding speakers, and Nina Aouilk is the group’s first step in its expansion in the United Kingdom.

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