Shawn Fair Continues to Drive Change by Adding Stephanie Barnes to His Exceptional Roster of Speakers

While some leaders initiate movements, others create more leaders. Some of the most awe-inspiring ones do not just trap themselves inside a box. Rather, they become people’s beacons of hope. Although finding these exceptional individuals who can lead others towards greatness can be quite a daunting task, Shawn Fair reminds us that anything is possible so long as we have found our primary purpose to do so. As someone who is bent on driving change and impacting lives worldwide, Shawn creates a platform that highly demonstrates the significant value of leadership through the Leadership Experience Tour Program.

The Leadership Experience Tour Program is an exclusive club for speakers dedicated to inspiring individuals across the globe. It serves as a change-making platform designed to spark action and transform lives in order to create a better world. Founded by a visionary whose passion lies in strengthening others through its incredible roster of leaders, Shawn Fair introduces Stephanie Barnes [Steff-B Speaks], a domestic abuse victim-turned-survivor whose passion lies in empowering women/teen women by increasing their self-confidence and eradicating self-limiting beliefs.

Stephanie Barnes is an African American visionary, three-time best-selling international author, and motivational speaker who has been featured in various media networks such as CBS Affiliate KUTV 2, USA Today Affiliate AZCentral, Digital Journal, Boston Herald, and many others. With an inspiring story to tell under her belt, this power player rises through the ranks, setting the bar high for many aspiring changemakers across various industries.

Widely acclaimed for exuding authenticity, this go-getting personality is definitely more than what meets the eye. Having encountered countless struggles across her lifetime, from experiencing domestic and drug abuse and undergoing depression to overcoming these feats and rising above them all, her testimony inspires many individuals to step out from their shells of mediocrity, giving them hope that ordinary women can do even the most extraordinary things. Stephanie Barnes is truly an inspirational icon who is able to transcend limitations and exceed expectations even after everything she has been through.

“I want to see others win. Having experienced abuse in my lifetime, it places me in a position where I can talk about struggles while inspiring them to move forward,” Stephanie shared. “I just want to make them feel and know that they are not alone during this battle,” she added.

From working an eight-hour corporate job to becoming a bestselling international author, Stephanie Barnes’s story is genuinely a journey to follow. “I chose Stephanie to become part of my exceptional roster of leaders because of the many tales of trials she had conquered in her life. I know that she will inspire the next generation of leaders to continuously thrive until they succeed,” Shawn Fair shared in an interview.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Stephanie Barnes is expected to spearhead an outreach-resource program for teenagers and women worldwide to help them overcome their struggles and rise above them all.

“We are enough regardless of the damage we have had in our lives,” Stephanie said. “Our pain plays a purpose in our lives; it strengthens us so that we can serve others,” she added.

To know more about Stephanie Barnes, you may visit her website.


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