Shawn Fair Chooses Powerhouse Constance Woulard to Join His Leadership Experience Tour

World renowned business consultant, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur Shawn Fair is adding another dynamic powerhouse in the person of Constance Woulard to his highly exclusive club for public speakers, the Leadership Experience Tour. Home to a wide array of phenomenal speakers and industry leaders, the Leadership Experience Tour is one of the world’s go-to organizations for driven individuals looking for a way to elevate their leadership and speaking skills to become influential in their field of expertise. With Constance on board, Shawn guarantees an exceptional experience. 

Constance is a no-nonsense motivation speaker as she speaks from the heart with conviction and compassion. One of her goals whenever she speaks in front of an audience is to engage and inspire her audience to desire to become better individuals. Among her many advocacies are women empowerment and the importance of sound mental health. Mostly, she speaks to her audience as if she has known them all her life. She does not sugarcoat with the hopes of enlightening their minds to see things from the right perspective. 

As a passionate motivational speaker, Constance sees herself speaking in front of massive audiences in regions of the world she has never reached before in the coming years. She also looks forward to speaking to organizations in corporate America, where she hopes to make a lasting impact. With Shawn backing her up, she is confident that their collaboration will open new doors of opportunity for her to share her life, expertise, and leadership insights. 

There is nothing more that Constance desires than to see her audience develop an awareness of their true worth. In the process of achieving this, she also wants for them to start pursuing their divine destiny so that they can live their lives purposefully. She believes that Shawn will be instrumental in helping her reach a wider audience. 

Apart from the time he devotes to the Leadership Experience Tour, Shawn is also a dedicated member of the Forbes Coaching Council. His clients in his consultancy business come from different parts of the world, like the United States, Europe, and Canada. He is also a crowd and corporate favorite when it comes to training as he has a unique approach when connecting with people. His clients find him sincere and authentic when it comes to personal coaching. 

Overall, Shawn has trained over 300,000 industry leaders all over the world. He leverages his unmatched experience in the corporate world in order to help his clients identify their blind spots, formulate solutions, and come up with systems that will benefit their organizations long-term. His dynamic and award-winning presentations have been pivotal in transforming the culture and direction of many companies, making him one of the most influential personalities in the business industry today. 

His leadership style is very relatable and easy to come to terms with as he leads by example, extends mutual respect to everyone he works with, and builds relationships founded on trust. It is also for these reasons that Constance believes that their collaboration will make an explosive impact on organizations and communities, one that will change lives and inspire people. Learn more about Shawn Fair and Fair Consulting Group by visiting this website.


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