Shawn Fair Adds Katrina L. Shaw to the Roster of Influential Speakers in His Leadership Experience Tour

Shawn Fair of the Fair Consulting Group just recently selected Katrina L. Shaw as part of the roster of dynamic speakers for his Leadership Experience Tour, and for a good reason. Katrina L. Shaw is the founder of Mammograms Are Not Enough, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization for Breast Cancer awareness. Often abbreviated as MANE, Mammograms Are Not Enough, Inc. has done a lot of great service in the name of women everywhere. As a breast cancer survivor herself MANE’s mission is near and dear to her heart. 

Katrina L. Shaw has always been exceptionally passionate about helping others. She is an entrepreneur and a brand promoter for health and wellness products called Thrive by Le-Vel, helping other people live a better lifestyle with premium nutrition. 

Shawn Fair has seen the limitless potential that Katrina L. Shaw possesses. Through her influence and powerful voice, Shawn firmly believes that she is an integral part of the speaking roster for his Leadership Experience Tour. Katrina Shaw was also featured in Johns Hopkins Magazine, where she shared her story entitled “A Moment’s Notice.”

Katrina L. Shaw also serves as a Top Lead Legislative Ambassador in her Congressional District for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN). She is also a radio and media professional, speaker, and advocate. Her organization, MANE, aims to aggressively have fundraiser campaigns and solicit donations for their Breast Cancer Diagnostic Screening and Assistance Program. Their programs help assist women who don’t have insurance or enough coverage to pay for extra diagnostic screenings and other expenses that are associated with the disease.

MANE also offers educational resources to promote early detection and prevention of Breast Cancer. Katrina L. Shaw has always been passionate about her cause, and as an empowered woman, she has always stood at the forefront of inspiring other women to succeed. Katrina is the co-author of three books that aim to further her agenda of female empowerment. These books are entitled “Women Who Soar,” “Courageous Women Find Strength During The Storm II,” and “Unstoppable Warrior Woman.”

Through this recent development in her career as a speaker chosen by Shawn Fair himself, Katrina L. Shaw will be able to amplify her voice and inspire more people by speaking in front of the most influential leaders of the world in the Leadership Experience Tour. As she gains more exposure and a massive spotlight, she is poised to become an even bigger advocate for Breast Cancer awareness, Female Empowerment, and Health and Wellness.

In the near future, Katrina L. Shaw hopes to see her company grow towards the national scale, helping millions of women all over the United States. She firmly believes that she was chosen by God to use her gift to help others and be a blessing in this world. Katrina’s mission is to help as many women as she can by speaking nationally and amplifying her voice through different platforms. Shawn Fair acknowledges this goal and has given her a massive opportunity to appear in front of millions of people and inspire them to become greater than ever before.To know more about Shawn Fair and his Leadership Experience Tour, make sure to visit his website. For more information about Katrina L. Shaw and MANE, check out the company’s website as well.


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