Serial Entrepreneur and Real Estate Professional Anthony Jerdine Is Expanding His Horizons by Diversifying His Investments

Mr. Anthony Jerdine is more than just a name in the real estate industry; the legacy that he has crafted for over two decades has been deeply felt by his clients and associates, and he hopes to expand his success even more. The real estate industry has been known to hold professionals at a high standard, and Mr. Jerdine is absolutely no exception. Through the years, he has established multiple businesses cementing his position as a serial entrepreneur. 

Throughout his 27 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Anthony Jerdine has worked as a senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm. He has designed, structured, and launched several private investment funds consulting with some of the greatest minds in institutional investments, project management, construction, permanent financing, and manager selection.

His tenure in the industry has allowed him to develop knowledge, skills, and experiences that only a few have obtained in the business. Mr. Anthony Jerdine has had countless opportunities come to him, and he has taken them all with open arms allowing him to create remarkable results with any given opportunity. 

In each endeavor, Mr. Jerdine always brings his extensive experience to the mix. He utilizes his expertise in large multi-family transactions, including structured finance and complex trusts, complex tax structure such as 1031 exchanges, and private placement memorandums.

Mr. Anthony Jerdine obtained his bachelor’s degree from Morehead State University. He then co-founded the Foundation Wealth Trust Group. He settled into a career in real estate investment, development, and financial services. He has never looked back since then, building a sustainable business that has lasted for over 27 years.

Nowadays, he is involved in continuing education from the Corporate Finance Institute, completing the certifications of a world-class financial analyst engaged in the application of financial modeling, commercial banking, capital markets, and data analysis with CFI’s online courses.  

His approach to investing relies on scientific and process-driven methods that have allowed his companies and associates to achieve their financial goals. Mr. Anthony Jerdine has been involved in the development and implementation of investment strategies built for high-net-worth families through one of the world’s leading private money managers. The renowned real estate professional hopes to further expand his business to make smart decisions about finance. 

“I love my profession and the opportunity it gives me to help so many wonderful people around the globe by making their hard-earned money work intelligently for them,” expressed Mr. Jerdine. He always puts the needs of his clients first, finding fulfillment in the success of those around him. ”I really identify with that old saying, ‘The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships.’ The relationships I have at home, with my co-workers, and with the associations I serve are what really keep my motor running.”

Mr. Anthony Jerdine is a serial entrepreneur with multiple thriving businesses. He also serves as the current Chief Executive Officer for the Foundation Wealth Trust Group Inc. family of companies, which is part of the Global Financial Consortium based in Miami, USA, and Dubai. The company is a highly recognized privately held Financial Services Monetization Company. 

Furthermore, Mr. Jerdine is also the Chairman of the Board for United Global Group, Inc., which is a globally acclaimed technology-based solutions provider based in Vail, Colorado. He has garnered as much success for himself as his clients. In his 27-year career, he has worked with the global banking elite, entertainers, professional athletes, international business leaders, heads of state, and countless genuinely amazing people. He shares in the financial dreams of all his professional associations and private clients to the tune of over $900 million in deal participation. 

Mr. Anthony Jerdine hopes to press on and continue his momentum of achieving success. He hopes to expand his horizons by being open to investing in all verticals in all-size companies which clearly have a sustainable competitive advantage, apparent barriers to entry, scalability, clear-cut exit strategy, a management team with a clear understanding of the market, and pertinent experience. 

He is no stranger to philanthropy and pushing for advocacies that benefit the social good. Mr. Jerdine hopes to invest in companies that are involved with international humanitarian efforts that identify solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. He acknowledges that the world as we know it is rapidly changing, and with his visionary thinking, he hopes to be part of the innovation, turning the wheel and garnering global success.

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