See Big and Dream Big: Ceebig Inc. Launches a New Global Partnership Program

Having clear company values supports you in ensuring that all your employees are working toward similar objectives. Core values support the company’s vision, shape its culture, and impact its business strategy. Similarly, they help create a purpose, develop team cohesion, and build a sense of dedication in the workplace. Therefore, every single business decision should be aligned with these values. 

Most companies have strong and excellent core values that guide their team, thus enhancing the company’s success. Ceebig Inc. insists on seeing and dreaming big to assist other businesses and brands scale to greater heights. Its other core values include following high standards, going above and beyond, taking ownership and initiative, being passionate and curious, and rebelling and growing.

Ceebig Inc. is an international business service focusing on engineering consulting, software engineering, and proprietary technology research and development. The company targets businesses of different sizes, from startups to enterprises, and people with excellent ideas to implement.

Ceebig Inc. was established in North Carolina nine years ago by young guns who were passionate about working with individuals and organizations with big visions. They aimed to bring their dedication to their customers while helping them realize their vision, which they fulfilled. “Every customer receives an extraordinary service with the highest standard provided by passionate, obsessed, and desperate individuals for self-actualization. We strive to create a diversified, equal, and inclusive environment to promote innovation, trust, and collaboration,” shares the team behind Ceebig. 

Ceebig Inc. observed a noteworthy development two months ago. They introduced a global community of partners called the Ceebig Global Partnerships (CGP) network, aiming to leverage programs, expertise, and resources to build, sell, and excel customer offerings. The diverse network features over 300 partners from more than ten countries. As a Ceebig Inc partner, you are uniquely positioned to help customers take full advantage of all Ceebig offers and accelerate their journey to building great products.

The company’s spokesperson declared, “We launched our new Global Partnership Program, and we are building strategic partnerships with business consulting companies from all over the world so we could reach a broader audience. We just built an engineering partnership with Hi-Think Corporation, which has an engineering team of over 10,000 talented engineers.”

The North Carolina-based company acquired SOC 2 compliance with Secureframe to preserve a high level of information security. Data security is of utmost concern at Ceebig Inc., and they are working with industry experts to fully transform how internal and external data is handled, besides providing a huge selection of new security practices. Ceebig Inc. is a social responsibility non-profit partnered with technology to enhance ease of access to organizations and individuals, empowering students and families to pursue their visions. They provide new and refurbished laptops to unlock their limitless potential.

Ceebig Inc. has also adopted a new recruiting progression to obtain international talents. With over ten years of collective experience, they recruited exclusive talent for companies like Google and Amazon. They follow a unique interview practice, and through it, look forward to encouraging teamwork among crew members that do not necessarily share the same thought process or come to the same conclusions about how best to finish a project.


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