Ryan Townsley Providing Financial Planning Services to Nuclear Energy and Engineering Clients through Town Capital

Retirement is one of the scariest things for many people, and the biggest worry lies in finding the right financial planner to help you do it. As a former nuclear plant operator and supervisor  with a passion for personal finance, Ryan Townsley CFP®, the founder and CEO of Town Capital LLC, took it as a calling to provide expert financial advice and planning to clients in the nuclear energy and engineering industry. He saw it as a way to continue serving the industry he grew up in, albeit in a different capacity.

Ryan Townsley holds an MBA and served six years in the United States Navy as a nuclear plant operator deployed on the USS Harry S Truman. He also worked in the control room of a commercial nuclear power plant as a shift supervisor for nearly a decade. The nuclear industry is his forte, and he runs the only firm serving this community. The main difference between him and most niche advisers: he worked in the same field as his clients. 

Through his investment and financial planning firm, Town Capital LLC, which operates as a niche investment firm for nuclear and energy workers, Ryan Townsley CFP® is ensuring that his former peers and colleagues are served by a fee-only fiduciary. The niched engineering and technical  industries are not many financial planners’ favorite, as they often find themselves under intense scrutiny due to the analytical nature of most engineers’ minds. Ryan said: “Clients should always know the WHY behind their advisor’s recommendation. Nuclear workers and other analytical type people always ask WHY, which is why we love serving them. Questioning attitude is in our nature.”

Town Capital LLC currently serves 60 households with over $50,000,000 in managed assets. Under Ryan Townsley’s leadership, Town Capital LLC adopts superior and mathematically proven retirement planning techniques like front-loaded and flexible pending strategies. “Many clients, and unfortunately advisers, fall back to the 4% rule because they don’t know any better,” Townsley said. “However, there is a better way to do retirement planning. It results in more realistic spending plans for our clients, especially in the early years of retirement when they can enjoy it. We aim to minimize the sequence of return risks. Combine that with goals-based portfolios, tax strategies, estate planning, and risk management, and our clients are taken care of in every aspect.”

Ryan Townsley CFP®’s goal with Town Capital is to save hard-working and intelligent people from being underserved by their financial advisers. Town Capital offers a better experience and alleviates the stress and anxiety of retirement planning. “I want my clients to worry about their vacations, their grandkids, their beach house, not their money,” he said.

The fuel that keeps Town Capital’s drive going is Ryan Townsley’s aversion to being average. He understands that engineers question everything because of their analytical minds and expects that anybody who is shopping for an investment firm should talk to more than one before picking the best. As a result, he continually works daily to ensure Town Capital is one of the top firms in the country. “Nuclear Technology is special and unique, and so is our approach to financial planning.”


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