Searches for “sofas” grew 230% in 2022, and this is just the start, according to James Lane Furniture’s Abbey Hart

Sofas are one of the most popular pieces of furniture in the home. And according to Google Trends, searches for sofas increased by 230% in 2022. Abbey Hart, Head of Product and Promotion at James Lane Furniture, says this is just the beginning. As more and more people become interested in furnishing their homes with quality furniture, the demand for sofas will continue to increase.

What’s driving this trend?

According to the experts behind James Lane Furniture, there are three main reasons for this rise in popularity.

First, many people have spent more time at home because of the pandemic. This has rekindled our desire to make our houses more comfortable and stylish.

Second, the development of online shopping has made finding and purchasing the ideal sofa easier than ever. A range of couch models, colours, and materials are now available from several online stores.

Third, the popularity of home improvement shows such as HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Property Brothers have motivated many people to renovate their own houses. A new sofa is frequently one of the first modifications individuals make.

What does this mean for the furniture business?

In response to this trend, home interior and furniture businesses are providing more sofa options than ever.

There are now sofas to suit every price, style, and requirement. There are types made to fit all choices, from sectionals and loveseats to sleeper sofas and reclining sofas. With so many alternatives, choosing one that suits any style and budget is simple.

The growing popularity of couches is good news for the furniture business, which has been struggling in recent years. Other types of furniture, such as dining room tables and bedroom sets, have seen a decline in demand due to the pandemic. However, the need for sofas has remained high, and growing Google Trends searches indicate that this trend is likely to continue.

About James Lane Furniture

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