Scaling Visions: Annette Sollars and the Expansion of Eye Want

Annette Sollars and the Expansion of Eye Want
Photo Courtesy: Annette Sollars

Annette Sollars, the visionary behind Eye Want, is a trailblazer in the ophthalmology industry, uniquely blending medical professionalism with artistic flair. With a career spanning nearly four decades, Sollars has not only established herself as a seasoned retailer and medical professional but also as a curator, conceptual artist, and an innovator in creating visual aids. Her journey, marked by significant accomplishments and relentless challenges, demonstrates her dedication to enriching lives through vision care and eye fashion.

Founded twenty-seven years ago, Eye Want has evolved beyond a traditional eyewear shop into a shining example of innovation and inspiration. The Eyeporium gallery, launched in 2007, and Eyepothecary, in 2014, extend Sollars’ vision of offering curated eyewear and healthwear solutions. These outlets reflect Sollars’ unique blend of medical expertise and artistic sensibility, catering to a clientele that values both function and fashion in eyewear.

This Spring, Sollars has been invited to present a talk at the prestigious TedX conference to share her knowledge and experience. Topics Annette plans to cover include her extensive experience in ophthalmology, the inception of Eye Want, and its evolution into a multifaceted enterprise.

Sollars’ breadth of speaking topics extends to delivering a series of talks focusing on the intricate processes of licensing, manufacturing, distribution, and fundraising for her patented devices. These discussions provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of bringing groundbreaking medical devices to market. Related to this topic, subsequent talks will encompass her innovative contributions to the field, including six medical devices and two tech startups, for which she has recently filed patents.

Sollars’ expertise in navigating these complex landscapes has positioned her as a leading figure in the industry, capable of transforming visionary ideas into tangible solutions that benefit both practitioners and patients. All presentations underscore her commitment to advancing eye care technology and moving the industry forward.

Annette Sollars and the Expansion of Eye Want_2
Photo Courtesy: Annette Sollars

In addition to being a sought-after speaker, a notable accomplishment of Sollars’ career are her certifications in every aspect of opticianry, ophthalmology, eye health, anatomy, and physiology. She has also gained recognition for designing medical garments and devices, fitting eyewear and contact lenses for celebrities and contributing to the international press in prestigious publications such as Elle and Playboy magazines. Her work as a permanent makeup tattoo artist further illustrates her versatile talent and innovative spirit.

Despite her successes, Sollars has faced significant challenges, particularly in securing operating capital. This ongoing struggle is a common plight among entrepreneurs, yet Sollars’ resilience and strategic planning have allowed her to navigate these hurdles. Her ability to adapt and persevere has been crucial in sustaining and expanding her business ventures.

Looking ahead, Sollars is scaling Eyewant and has franchise opportunities available to extend her brand’s reach. This ambition reflects her desire to grow her business and continue enriching lives through innovative eye care solutions. Sollars aims to build businesses that not only thrive but also make a lasting impact on the community.

Annette Sollars’s journey is a compelling narrative of innovation, resilience, and vision. As she explores new horizons, her contributions to the field of ophthalmology and her commitment to enhancing the lives of others through her work remain unwavering. The future of Eye Want, under Sollars’s guidance, promises to be as bright as the solutions she seeks to provide.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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