Rising Artist Lane Allen Announces Upcoming Single “Past Life” With Danny Towers

Digital algorithms can indeed blow up someone’s career. For Lane Allen, he was just a kid making music for his local community only to wake up the next morning as one of Spotify’s top-grossing rising artists. The 22-year-old rap artist is generating quite the buzz in the music industry, and he doesn’t show any sign of stopping anything soon.

Lane Allen began making music at 15 years old, but during that time, he thought of music as more of a hobby than a profession. At 16, he witnessed how his friend was determined to become a sound engineer, and it fueled a fire inside him to also cement his name in the music industry. Since then, he has pursued music more seriously and became more passionate about finding his sound. Lane was successfully making a name for himself in his local music scene.

Lane Allen has always been passionate about entertaining people. In 2017, he created Freedom Fest, a local music event that he headlined once a month. Lane built the event from scratch and used his music as an instrument for social change by donating the proceeds to a 12-year-old who was in need of a new heart. Upon the release of his song called “One Way,” Lane began seeing more doors opening for him, and he knew that he could make an even more significant impact by grabbing every opportunity.

Life and music were steady for Lane Allen until his career blew up in 2021 when his single “Toxic” was placed on Spotify’s editorial playlist called Internet People. The artist gained over a million streams this year and obtained over 250,000 listeners on Spotify, tripling the stats his music accumulated the year before.

Together with his pal, Danny Towers, Lane Allen is reaching for greater heights in the coming year. “Danny Towers and I continue to grow together as we’ve got almost 12 songs total and counting. With currently six out and our 7th releasing on December 29th, we’re continuously applying pressure,” Lane shared. The duo will release their new single entitled “Past Life” across all major music streaming platforms on December 29th.

“Past Life” is one of the many surprises Lane Allen has for his listeners, and he promises that it embodies his unique sound all throughout. The artist is best known for his versatility, both in flow and concepts. He sets himself apart with his artistry and amazes music lovers with his ability to cross boundaries and categories. With a new single coming up, Lane aims to retain the traction he has gained over the last few months and inspire more people worldwide with his music.

Lane Allen has worked with some of the most prominent names in the music industry today. Besides Danny Towers, he has collaborated with EST Gee, Caskey, and more. As the first artist out of his hometown Lexington, KY, to reach accolades of this level on Spotify, Lane is proving that talent can indeed come from anywhere. As long as one has the passion for achieving greatness, one is genuinely bound to surpass expectations. 

In five years, Lane Allen aims to be widely known in the music industry, not only within the rap genre but across all categories. The artist also aims to learn more instruments to go deeper in his profession, beginning with the piano, guitar, and producing beats. With his hard work, tenacity, and undeniable talent, Lane Allen is indeed destined to become a household name.Follow Lane Allen on Instagram and visit his website for more updates on his upcoming project.


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