Revolutionizing Professional Communication: An MFA For Your MBA

Revolutionizing Professional Communication: An MFA For Your MBA

In the heart of every professional lies a storyteller waiting to be awakened. This truth, often overlooked in the cutthroat world of business, has found its champion in an unprecedented literary endeavor. “An MFA For Your MBA,” written by Phillip Scott Mandel and set to hit the shelves on May 15th, is not just a book; it’s a movement. Spearheaded by an accomplished professional writer and the managing editor of Abandon Journal, as well as the founder of Mandel Marketing in Austin, this work promises to transform mundane business communication into a compelling narrative.

The genesis of this innovative project took root during a reflective walk amid the pandemic’s quiet chaos. Mandel mused on the stark contrast between the evocative storytelling nurtured within creative writing graduate programs and the often dry, uninspired prose prevalent in business writing. It was this disparity that sparked an idea: why not bridge these worlds? Why not infuse business writing with the creativity and depth fostered by an MFA program? With no existing guidebook in sight, the decision was made to forge a new path.

“An MFA For Your MBA” goes beyond traditional writing advice that mechanically warns against adverbs or passive voice. Instead, it invites readers into a rich dialogue about thinking profoundly and crafting narratives free from clichés of speech and thought. This isn’t merely about avoiding certain words or phrases; it’s about elevating communication to an art form. It’s about “thinking deeply.”

It’s also about practice, as the book is replete with functional–and fun–writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing and your revision skills flexing. (And if you like writing exercises, look for the “MFA For Your MBA Workbook” from Mandel later this year.)

Targeting a broad audience—from sales teams and software engineers to doctors, lawyers, architects, educators, librarians, and administrators—this book acknowledges that effective communication is foundational across professions. In today’s fast-paced world where attention is fragmented and fleeting, capturing and maintaining one’s interest through engaging storytelling can make all the difference.

Structured as an engaging read that marries wit with wisdom, “An MFA For Your MBA” presents itself as both breezy and funny while simultaneously imaginative and instructive. The book encourages professionals to delve deeper than surface-level communication, challenging them to explore more nuanced ways of expressing ideas—a skillset invaluable for anyone whose job hinges on clear and impactful communication.

As we navigate through its chapters, readers will discover strategies for infusing life into reports, emails, presentations, and all forms of professional correspondence. By applying lessons typically reserved for creative writers—such as understanding audience nuance, developing a compelling voice, and mastering narrative flow—business communications can transcend their traditionally staid boundaries.

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In essence, “An MFA For Your MBA” doesn’t just advocate for better writing; it champions transformative thinking. It posits that when we allow ourselves to think like artists—when we approach our professional tasks with imagination—we unlock new levels of creativity that can revolutionize our workplace interactions.

This book serves as both testament and guide to transcending conventional business rhetoric by embracing our inherent narrative instincts. Whether drafting a proposal or communicating with clients or colleagues across various mediums—the principles contained within these pages are universally applicable.

In anticipation of it release on May 15th, “An MFA For Your MBA” stands poised to redefine professional excellence across industries. By marrying the analytical rigor of an MBA with the creative flourish of an MFA program, “An MFA For Your MBA” promises not only to enhance how professionals communicate but also how they think about communication itself—as an art form deserving attention beyond mere transactional exchanges.

As we step into this new paradigm heralded by “An MFA For Your MBA,” let us embrace this opportunity to enliven our workplaces with narratives that inspire action through engagement rather than compulsion—an aspiration worthy not only for those in marketing but for any individual committed to making meaningful connections in their professional lives.

By reimagining what business writing can be, “An MFA For Your MBA” beckons us towards a future where every memo sparks curiosity, every report tells a story, and every presentation captivates—an era where professional communication is not just understood but felt deeply by its audience.


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