Revolutionizing Marketing: Charts+Darts Unveils Their Unique Approach to Create Impact

Revolutionizing Marketing: Charts+Darts Unveils Their Unique Approach to Create Impact
Photo Credited to Charts+Darts

In an era where innovation and creativity are the keys to a successful marketing strategy, Charts+Darts, a full-service agency, is redefining the landscape. With a fresh perspective on brand management and a proven track record, Charts+Darts is setting the stage for a new era in marketing, one that is built on the pillars of strategy, media, creativity, and content.

Co-founders Matt Smith and Brian Lerche have years of marketing agency experience under their belts. Having worked at more prominent names such as MullenLowe, Saatchi&Saatchi, and Crispin Porter +Bogusky, they teamed up to start their own small independent ad agency that is now shaking up the industry’s status quo. 

Revolutionizing Marketing: Charts+Darts Unveils Their Unique Approach to Create Impact
Photo Credited to Charts+Darts

What makes Charts+Darts stand out from other agencies is their ability to offer strategy, creativity, media, and production under one roof. They are building their team with unconventional thinkers, which welcomes people with or without degrees. They also do not shy away from utilizing AI to shorten the creative process, and they work 100% remotely to keep costs down for their clients. They pride themselves on being the “shake-up agency,” the ones who are willing to question and challenge the norm to achieve better results.

A Bridge Between Brands and Audiences

Charts+Darts takes pride in acting as a mediator between brands and their audiences. Their commitment to forging authentic connections through sound strategy is at the core of their operations. With services that span across research, positioning, brand development, content creation, and communications, they leave no stone unturned in ensuring that their clients’ brand narratives resonate with their target audiences.

Putting the Right Message in Front of the Right People

Media planning and execution are pivotal components of any marketing strategy, and Charts+Darts has mastered the art of it. Their data-driven approach ensures the right message reaches the right people at the right time. Their services encompass strategic planning, buying, optimizing, ROI modeling, measurement, scale modeling, and brand tracking, all designed to ensure consistent return on investment.

The Power of Creative Storytelling

For Charts+Darts, the work doesn’t leave their doors unless it makes people feel something. They firmly believe that the best marketing solutions are born from great storytelling. Their creative services include branding, brand platforms, 360º campaigns, and design, all geared toward crafting emotionally resonant narratives for their clients.

Content Reigns Supreme

Charts+Darts excels in turning strategic ideas into engaging content. Whether short-form video, long-form video, photography, audio, digital content, or social media content, they have the expertise to create content that connects with audiences.

Impressive Clientele

Charts+Darts has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for a diverse range of clients, including:

  • The Original Farmers Market: Creating artisan, retail, and lifestyle brand videos that pack flavor-blasted fun for everyone.
  • Yokohama Tire: Celebrating the challenger spirit of Yokohama Tire with limited merchandise collections.
  • Lexus: Redesigning welcome kits and infographics to convey the exhilaration of a Lexus.
  • GT’S Kombucha: Collaborating with the “Kombucha Girl” meme for quick-turn videos that capture the #kombuchaface buzz.

These collaborations showcase the agency’s versatility and commitment to producing exceptional client results across various industries.

A Commitment to Trust and Transparency

Charts+Darts sets itself apart not only through its innovative approach but also through its commitment to trust and transparency.  Co-founder Brian Lerche  emphasizes, “We deeply believe in collaboration and transparency with our client partners, which is why we offer Slidedata.” To help their clients make more data-driven decisions, they are backed by the proprietary data tool, which allows clients to access real-time performance metrics within a dashboard.

Charts+Darts prides itself on being the agency that listens and uses sound data to help us best collaborate with our client partners. “Trust is at the core of our operations, and it will always remain the force behind our success,” says Co-founder Matt Smith.

A Unique Approach to Marketing

Charts+Darts is not your average advertising agency. They offer a unique combination of media and creative services, making them a one-stop solution for their clients. Their ability to deliver “big agency know-how” with a small, nimble service approach sets them apart from the competition. They aim to provide clients with the expertise and experience of a large agency without the red tape that often comes with it.

Their slogan, “We shake up what’s possible.” reflects their commitment to delivering exceptional results while maintaining trust and transparency with their clients.

Expanding Horizons

While Charts+Darts has a deep understanding of the automotive industry, they are also expanding their horizons by working with clients in various other sectors, including tech, CPG, beverage, and startups. They aim to diversify their clientele and leverage their extensive team experience to provide innovative solutions across different industries. Some of their notable clients prior to Charts+Darts include  Acura, Domino’s, QDOBA, Disney Channel, Coca-Cola, Skullcandy, Microsoft, Nixon, and Mazda.

The Future of Marketing

In an ever-evolving marketing landscape, Charts+Darts is at the forefront of change. Their commitment to trust, transparency, and innovative thinking positions them as a leader in the industry. With a diverse portfolio, a dedication to making clients proud, and a mission to shake up the status quo, Charts+Darts is poised to continue redefining the future of marketing.

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