Recruitment Firm Andre Fremaux & Associates Matches Professionals With Growth-Driven Companies

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, from healthcare to space exploration, industries also need competent and passionate individuals committed to helping society face rapid changes. Hence, Andre Fremaux & Associates, LLC has made it their mission to bridge professionals with the right companies through a rigorous recruitment process. 

Andre Fremaux & Associates focuses on finding the perfect candidates for companies in multiple industries, including banking and financial services, wealth management, medical and healthcare, aerospace, and aviation and defense. Founded by entrepreneur, visionary, and FAA licensed private airplane pilot Andre Fremaux, the firm aims to expand opportunities for the professionals turning to them for job placements and match them with companies who will allow them to grow.

Andre Fremaux & Associates has paved the way for thousands of professionals to find their match in the cutthroat job market, especially in the healthcare industry. The medical field is among those who are adapting rapidly into technological practices to provide the best of what modern medicine can offer, and the firm prides itself on having unparalleled medical workers.  

“Our firm has recruited physicians and professionals for large hospital systems and physician groups, as well as many fortune 100 medical device companies,” Andre Fremaux shared proudly. “Many of the physicians and medical device companies are relying on robotics and AI to treat patients. We are certainly living in a denominal time. Technology is expanding at a faster rate than ever before in every industry from the healthcare field to the space industry.”

Furthermore, to ensure that each professional is placed with a good company, the firm often performs site visits to hospitals, physician groups, medical device companies, and other institutions to get a true sense of their corporate culture. With this, Andre Fremaux & Associates would be able to see how the company impacts clients and their employees firsthand. 

“As my tagline states, ‘Building one career at a time,’ this also means we can build one company at a time,” shared the founder. “I very much enjoy helping someone get out of a job where they feel like they are going nowhere fast and introducing them to a new opportunity with limitless possibilities. I also enjoy helping leaders of companies or leaders of business units find the talent that is going to help them exceed their growth goals,” Andre Fremaux added.

The CEO himself once worked his way up the corporate ladder. He started his career in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry at Bristol-Myers Squibb, a fortune 100 publicly-traded company. Then, after six years of making a difference in the company’s cardiovascular division, Andre transferred to Medtonic as a clinical specialist and eventually into a sales representative.

Not long after, Adre was hired to be the manager for St. Jude Medica, now Abbott. He grew its 22-employee count to over 100 employees across the region and propelled it to gain over $100 million in annual revenue. Soon after, he was recruited to be the vice president of Sonic Healthcare. Finally, after five years, Andre decided to let go of the corporate ladder to build his own company, Andre Fremaux & Associates.

As someone who has been in his applicants’ shoes, Andre knows how stressful recruitment processes can be, only to end up with a subpar company. Hence, he does everything he can through his recruitment firm to make a difference and set a positive tone for the recruitment industry. Learn more about Andre Fremaux & Associates on its website.


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