Recession Proof Xtreme Forging a Pathway towards Wealth for Upcoming Generations

Securing the future is an intentional process that requires anticipating the future and putting measures in place to protect assets. Unfortunately, today’s world is primarily driven by money, and more than half of the problems people face globally would be solved if everyone enjoyed financial freedom. In light of this, Marcus Barney, also known as HIM500, decided to build Recession Proof Xtreme, a platform that secures people’s future financially and guards them against the pangs of debt and poverty that are rife amongst underprivileged people. Recession Proof Xtreme was made to uplift downtrodden families and communities through motivation, education, and empowerment.

Recession Proof Xtreme is a community-like mentorship program with the sole aim of helping aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the numerous challenges and obstacles they might face on their journey. HIM500 teaches financial literacy to people who are already disadvantaged and may not get the chance to experience what the privileged American population has access to. He understands that a trust fund is a loose term that everybody uses, but not everyone is fortunate enough to enjoy one or even open one for their children. He also understands how much of a headstart a trust fund can give a person in life. Thus, he hopes to help as many parents as possible figure out how they can create one for their children so they can enjoy a secure future. 

The goal of Recession Proof is to create a generation that would do better than the previous generation by laying a solid financial foundation for the upcoming generation. The platform focuses on building generational wealth, and so far, the platform’s dreams are gradually coming to life. With a sixteen-man staff team and numerous million-dollar milestones, HIM500 has carved a niche for himself and made it into ClickFunnels’ “8 Figure Club.”

Recession Proof Xtreme is an active community of over seven thousand members, producing hundreds of millionaires. Marcus takes immense pride in what he has built, and using his achievements with his life and family as a focal point, he’s able to inspire possibility and enthusiasm in the members of the community. The community has helped thousands of people carve a pathway toward financial success by boosting their credit and FICO scores to position them for the best credit facilities and instruments. Many entrepreneurs and passive income earners have also risen from the platform, implementing the business strategies they learned.

Describing the community, Marcus said: “We truly are a supportive community which is why we have sixteen chapters across the country where we provide in-person moral support to those we serve.” On his motivation to build these platforms, he said, “I could not bear watching members of my community being taken advantage of by predatory interest rates, and business practices motivated me to build my own brand. Recession Proof teaches us to take control of our financial capabilities and make generational wealth acceptable.”The goal for the next five years is to grow the platform into a community of 25,000 people with a valuation of $500 million. Marcus hopes to see at least 500 millionaires who have their financial future secured and safely protected.


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