REAP Working Towards Racial Equality through Youth Leadership Programs

The past few years’ challenges have exposed the many problems the world faces today surrounding racism, poverty, and inequality. As the world moves away from a COVID-19 pandemic, we now see the lack of justice in today’s society. One organization called REAP hopes to address that problem more and more through youth leadership programs that empower the next generation of influencers who will battle systemic racism in America and beyond.

REAP is a multicultural non-profit organization that focuses on youth leadership development to empower a wave of leaders that will continue the work. It banks heavily on next-generation thinking and believes that while today’s problems might not get solved, there should be another string of leaders to pick up where we left off. Primarily, REAP works with students in grades three to twelve and focuses heavily on those parts of the marginalized community. 

At the core, the organization values purpose. It fights non-stop to instill that value in its students. “Finding purpose and intention is challenging when you’re uninspired,” shares the organization’s founders Levell Thomas and Mark Jackson on what makes the wheels turn at REAP. “However, purpose and intention can be a significant driving factor that propels students to success, making it vital to launch the next wave of leaders. There’s much work to be done, and much of it, moving forward, knowing they can make a difference and contribute to world-class leadership programming.”

Some of the things that REAP focuses on are helping empower students to engage in civic discourse, entrepreneurship, and cooperative management. With all these efforts, the organization helps build up global leaders out of the youth in their program. To date, REAP serves more than a thousand students every single year. But the work is just beginning as the non-profit hopes to scale its programs even more. 

One of the more notable parts of its operations is an entrepreneurship program called Young Entrepreneurs Program or YEP. The initiative gives students a safe avenue to explore innovative ideas to create wealth and learn self-sufficiency. Most of their students are between grades six to twelve. They can learn business basics, improve their communication skills, create strong networking skills and networking opportunities, and interface with mentors and potential business investors.

Over the past several months, the organization has also put considerable effort into transitioning many of its REAP programs into a virtual setup. Of course, there have been many challenges, and a long journey still lies before them, but the team is adamant about seeing this effort come to fruition. 

To this day, the company works heavily through generous giving so that students don’t have the burden of self-sustaining. Thankfully, the support and partnership of donors have been able to keep the organization running, enabling the work that has helped transform hundreds of lives already. REAP looks forward to more effective plans and efforts in the future and is continuing to raise support to keep empowering students in Portland and beyond, especially as it commits to more virtual programs in the coming days.

In the future, REAP hopes that we don’t have to worry about a day when our initiatives today die a natural death because we don’t have a next line to pass the baton to.

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