Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Andrew Sallee Sheds Light on the Journey He Underwent to Build His Platform

People often delve into entrepreneurship to pursue financial freedom for themselves, but some individuals seek such endeavors to uplift their communities. Andrew Sallee is an exemplary figure of someone who has dedicated his career to improving the lives of others. A real estate investor, Andrew is among the most successful people. Recently, he made some smart real estate investments that will help him further his philanthropic mission.

Hailing from Rock Island, Illinois, Andrew Sallee’s entrepreneurial journey began when he realized his potential. Initially, the philanthropist spent a decade in sales. Then, his career would take him into the siding and roofing business, opening the doors to the real estate industry. Upon reaching an epiphany, Andrew started investing in himself and his business.

While other figures in the space had the means and background to make it, Andrew worked tooth and nail to achieve the success he has today.

“Everything I’ve earned, I built from what I’ve been able to earn beginning with my sales career, then my company all through my investments,” he explained.

“I’ve had to come from a background where nothing was given. It was all earned,” Andrew elaborated. “I don’t have a degree from a fancy school, didn’t grow up with a ton of money, and don’t take partners on for deals. Everything I’ve earned has been built from what I’ve been able to earn beginning with my sales career, then my company, and most recently, all through my investments.”

Andrew’s success can also be attributed to his decision to invest in himself. Through the years, he would attend nine to twelve different conferences, taking every opportunity to educate himself on how he can combine smart investments with hard work. Since then, Andrew has built a $100 million real estate portfolio, but what makes his journey even more impressive is how he was able to achieve this without any partners or hard money. Instead, the philanthropist built his portfolio through over two decades of hard work.

“Unlike most other real estate investors, I don’t take on any partners or raise any hard money for my investments,” Andrew explained. “Instead, I partner with banks for financing and have been able to build a substantial portfolio, adding tens of millions of dollars in worth over the past 18 months.”

With an extensive career, Andrew Sallee has gained a reputation for his passion, drive, resilience, ability to pivot, and never-give-up attitude. The philanthropist is also known for never settling for less and never wanting the status quo. Instead, he focuses on his expertise. Andrew turns his passion into profits by evaluating deals that are a good fit, putting the right team in place to see them through and allowing them to continue profitably. 

“You are your single most important and valuable asset, so act like it every day,” he encouraged.

Using his platform, Andrew’s philanthropic efforts have significantly impacted his community by developing his charitable foundation, Andy’s Kids, and other organizations he supports, including Big Brother, Big Sister in Davenport, the Davenport YMCA, and Habitat for Humanity, among many others. Andrew Sallee plans to continue aggressively growing his portfolio through the years. He has already drafted plans for continued growth to hit $1 billion in total assets.


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