Rapid SEO Host Reveals How to Know When to Outsource SEO Hosting

Rapid SEO Host Reveals How to Know When to Outsource SEO Hosting
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With the online age firmly established, businesses face a challenging time in their growth. While it is true that most already had an online presence prior to 2020, COVID drew a line in the sand and made it impossible for them to be half in. Now, no successful business plan is complete without strategies for SEO hosting, WordPress, and website development. So, here’s the question: how do companies that have very few employees devoted to these tasks adapt? Do they hire a whole new tech team or outsource the work? For suggestions, we turned to the co-founders of Rapid SEO Host: Jay Hebbar, who is a web developer and CEO of Whebb Works, and Donnie Strompf, an SEO strategist and CEO of Good At Marketing and Asset Linkable.

“Knowing when to outsource SEO hosting and website development and when to invest in your own tech team is a pivotal decision for any business leader,” says Hebbar. “It’s particularly difficult when you are normally not a tech person. Suddenly you have to understand the industry itself, speak its jargon, understand how it relates to your own company, and be able to look down the road and predict your needs. It’s a tall order for many people, and we enjoy coming alongside them and helping them make the transition.”

The first factor to consider is your budget vs. where your business is in its growth. Strompf recommends sitting down and doing the math: how much it will really cost to hire a tech team to do SEO hosting and web development, including salaries, benefits, and, unfortunately, any costs associated with possible turnover.

“If you are new to this field, then it’s a good idea to factor in your own time investment as well, as you will need to educate yourself on this part of IT so that you can really hire an expert,” Strompf advises. “When you have these figures down, it’s time to do some research and compare the costs of outsourcing SEO hosting and optimization of servers.”

At this point, while every company’s needs and resources will vary, leaders often discover that they have three options. First, they can, of course, do all the work in-house. However, they can also either outsource it until their business grows large enough to sustain an in-house team, or they can outsource it permanently.

“How do business leaders know which option to pick?” Hebbar asks. “The answer often comes down to two things: if they really have the time to step away from their other duties to create a new tech team and oversee their work, and if they can find an SEO hosting company that can be trusted over the long term to take care of them.”

To hire the right company, Hebbar and Strompf both recommend being very careful and asking the right questions. With so much business being conducted online, it is very possible a company’s owner may be speaking to an SEO hosting company on the other side of the world.

“That isn’t necessarily a red flag, but you do want to ask a lot of questions,” Strompf believes. “Dig into their pricing, including whether it’s a one-time fee or a subscription. What exactly do you get for that? And, just as important are the background and personality of each member of the tech team. You’re looking for people who know what they are doing, but at the same time, they should be more than willing to explain something to you without making you feel silly for asking.”

Hebbar agrees. “SEO hosting and servers are a world in themselves, full of specialized knowledge that can be confusing to business owners. Remember: take your time as you look into your options. If you ever feel stuck or need suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at Rapid SEO Host. We are a fun combination of laidback and professional, and we will help guide you to make the right decision for your company.”

Rapid SEO Host is a team of project managers, front-end web developers, web designers, and IT specialists who take the heavy lifting off the shoulders of their clients. Their goal is to provide premium, secure SEO hosting at prices that are affordable. Rapid SEO Host’s customized solutions include the pre-installation of WordPress sites, SSL certificates, monthly backups, DDoS protection, unlimited data transfers, malware scans and removal, technical support, WordPress development, SEO optimization, and more. For more information, please visit Rapid SEO Host’s website.


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