Raleigh SEO Company CEO Brendan Monahan Wins Best SEO Consultant Award

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Brendan Monahan, Founder and CEO of the Raleigh SEO Company, was recently named the Best SEO Consultant in North Carolina for 2023, recognizing his innovative search engine optimization techniques that deliver proven results for clients.

Monahan founded the Raleigh SEO Company in 1998 to provide ethical, white-hat SEO services that help local businesses improve their online visibility and expand their reach. Since then, he has implemented cutting-edge SEO strategies that have propelled numerous companies to the top of Google and other search engines.

Brendan Monahan’s innovative SEO strategies and optimized digital marketing campaigns generated over $12,250,000 in new revenue for his clients in 2022 alone. This staggering achievement is a testament to Monahan’s exceptional expertise in leveraging search engine optimization to deliver tangible returns on investment. 

The founder and CEO of the Raleigh SEO Company has a proven track record of dominating search rankings for competitive keywords and dramatically increasing qualified website traffic. 

By securing first-page Google rankings and amplifying online visibility, Monahan has helped countless businesses dramatically boost their bottom line. This tremendous impact on his clients’ profitability is a key reason Monahan was honored with the prestigious Best North Carolina SEO Expert Award this year.

“I’m grateful and humbled to receive this award,” said Monahan. “It reflects the hard work and dedication of our team at the Raleigh SEO Company to stay on the leading edge of SEO best practices while never compromising our integrity.”

The Best SEO Consultant Award is determined based on industry reputation, client reviews, business transparency, and overall impact advancing the field of SEO in North Carolina. As the 2023 winner, Monahan cements his status as one of the state’s top experts in leveraging search engine optimization for business growth.

So what sets Monahan apart from other SEO consultants? According to his clients and peers, it’s his holistic approach focused on long-term success over quick wins. Monahan also stands out for his detailed audits, proprietary keyword research tactics, technical SEO skills, and talent for crafting compelling content.

One of the key elements of Monahan’s SEO process is conducting in-depth website audits for clients. These audits identify issues preventing optimal search engine visibility, like site speed, broken links, metadata gaps, and accessibility problems. By addressing these issues upfront, Monahan ensures his clients’ websites are properly configured as a foundation before moving to more advanced SEO enhancements.

Another signature component of Monahan’s SEO methodology is exhaustive keyword research. “Keywords are the cornerstone of any effective SEO strategy,” explained Monahan. “We dig deep into keyword metrics and search intent to discover the optimal terms and phrases that align with each client’s business.”

In addition to standard keyword research tactics like analysis of search volume and competitor rankings, Monahan employs predictive keyword modeling using machine learning algorithms. This enables him to identify emerging search terms likely to gain traction in the future, giving his clients an edge.

Monahan’s technical expertise also sets him apart from less savvy SEO practitioners. He stays on top of frequent Google algorithm updates and leverages technical elements like site speed optimization, CMS enhancements, URL structuring, schema markup implementation, and XML sitemaps to improve search visibility and performance.

Creating compelling, relevant content that engages the searcher is another key SEO strategy Monahan stresses. “Unique, useful content is how you earn trust and authority in the eyes of search engines,” he said. Monahan helps clients craft shareworthy content that targets key phrases while delivering value for the reader.

One Raleigh law firm saw a 530% increase in organic traffic within 9 months of working with Monahan by focusing on content promotion and thought leadership content amplification. This influx of qualified visitors from search engines led to a dramatic uptick in new client inquiries.

Another distinguishing hallmark of Monahan’s SEO services is the extensive analytics tracking he implements for clients. Detailed metrics like click-through rates, pages per visit, and goal conversions help Monahan fine-tune SEO plans to maximize ROI. He also provides clients with a custom dashboard for monitoring website analytics themselves.

While Monahan is clearly a savvy technical SEO expert, he said what really sets him apart is his passion for the client’s business goals. “The strategies I implement are tailored to each client’s unique objectives, target audience, and industry,” Monahan emphasized. “My mission is understanding their business and then leveraging SEO to help them grow exponentially.”

This client-focused approach, ethical values, innovative tactics, and proven track record explain why Monahan took home the award for Best SEO Consultant in North Carolina this year. The Local Search Association received dozens of nominations for SEO professionals across the state.

The Local Search Association praised Monahan for his contributions to advancing the SEO profession in North Carolina through continuous learning, speaking engagements, and work to establish industry standards and best practices. They also credited Monahan with selflessly sharing his SEO knowledge to help other businesses succeed.

As part of the award, Monahan will be recognized at the 2023 Local Search Summit conference in Charlotte this November. This exposure is sure to fuel further growth for the Raleigh SEO Company. But Monahan said his priority remains delivering SEO success for current clients.

With his cutting-edge SEO strategies producing real returns on investment, it’s no wonder Brendan Monahan has emerged as the leading SEO consultant in North Carolina. Business owners across the state would be wise to leverage Monahan’s innovative tactics if they want to dominate Google search rankings in their industry.


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