Python Developers: In Demand And On The Rise in 2024

Python Developers: In Demand And On The Rise in 2024

The popularity of Python in the modern day has increased, and it has become an ideal choice for various applications. Python is one of the widely used programming languages as it is known for its versatility and readability.

Python has been used in data science, web development, artificial intelligence, machine learning and many more. Many organizations also have been using Python to embrace digital transformation. Choosing to hire a Python developer is a great option, as the language is known for its robust frameworks like Flask, Django and many others.

What is a Python developer?

In the modern day, Python has become a go-to language for a lot of\ developers. Python has been driving greater demand for skilled Python professionals.

Python developers have the capability for designing, coding and even deploying the projects using Python language. Python developers also work on completely debugging the same projects to ensure everything functions well.

Python developers work closely with various teams, such as data collection and analytics. In the modern day, there is a higher demand for Python developers, and numerous job possibilities are available across varied industries. Main role and responsibilities vary based on the industries in a spectacular manner. Robust framework is suitable for easily developing efficient and scalable web applications.

Rising demand for Python developers in 2024

The rise of online platforms and e-commerce has especially made many businesses hire Python developers to create dynamic and functional web solutions. Based on a recent report, demand for Python web developers has increased to 41% as of 2024.

Python web developers ensure the creation of a solid online presence as well as user experience. The popularity of the Programming Language Index, or PYPL, has surged by 22.5% since 2022. The data analytics forecasts that Python has a high industry value that could attain $655 billion by the year 2029.

Popularity of Python programming languages

Python is a better career choice for developers, and it becomes higher in demand. Python is one of the leading programming languages and learning this can easily gain more career opportunities.

Python attains popularity, steadily surpassing Java. Python also became one of the highly searched tutorials online. Many people have been searching for information about Python online learning when compared to Java. The Python developers have more opportunity and the demand continues in the future.

High salary scope for Python developers

Based on a report, the average annual salary for an AI developer is from $92,229 to $110,101 In the United States. The average salary of Python developers in Massachusetts and New York is $140,000, and the lowest salary of Python developers is $85,000. The popularity of Python has been massively increasing across the world. Apart from these, the salaries of developers will also increase worldwide.

Jobs availability

In the modern day, there are various jobs available in Python. Whether you are searching for job boards like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Indeed and many others then, you can find a lot of job opportunities.

Are you a Python developer with excellent skills and experience? You can definitely have a strong demand for these skills across the world. Many organizations are looking forward to hire Python developer. You can easily find the right opportunity by using the skills to make a big difference.

Python career paths In 2024

Python is normally the scripting language that has been used for easily developing the software. Python also relies on the Framework and Libraries. For example, Django is a framework that is useful for web development, and Numpy is useful for machine learning.

Python is also a widely available versatile language that can be used in various tasks. It is convenient to hire PPython developers to create reusable libraries as well as APIs. These are popular choices for the developers of all the experiences.

Normally, the day-to-day responsibilities of the Python developers vary, such as:

  • Writes scalable codes for web developments
  • Check code and contribute technical documentation
  • Reference and reporting
  • Skilled in statistical learning models, server-side logic, as well as responsive web applications
  • Involved in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) like analysis, design, tracking, development, testing, as well as user acceptance testing
  • Improves User Interfaces
  • Integrates APIs
  • Works on various tools such as GitHub and Bitbucket
  • Skilled in managing code versioning
  • Responsible for deployment and production servers
  • Responsible for debugging
  • Well-versed in troubleshooting programming-related
  • Develops automation scripts with the Python
  • Develop predictive models on the features using AI and ML
  • Works with Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy and more
  • Client Interaction

Some of the common job roles

Python back-end developers

The Python back-end developers will be completely responsible for designing, building, and maintaining server-side logic that is suitable for web applications. Python back-end developers work closely with the front-end developers to ensure everything, such as the interface, works seamlessly. Python back-end developers will be working with the DevOps engineers to deploy as well as maintain the apps.

Data engineer

Data engineers are responsible for planning, building and maintaining the complete architectures and systems for Big Data. Businesses can easily gain valuable insight across various datasets.

Full-stack developer

Many numbers of Python full-stack developers are efficient in both the front end and back end for web applications. It is quite a convenient option for managing database management, server-side programming, and even user interface design. Choosing to hire a Python developer is a great option for developing and deploying web apps.

DevOps engineer

DevOps procedures are essential for providing infrastructure, automation, configuration management, and many more. These have been widely used by DevOps engineers to simplify the process easily. DevOps engineers improve communication between operations and development teams.


Python developers are in demand across the world, and adaptability has evolved with more technological advancements. These also ensure a major position for accessing the go-to language suitable for developers.


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