“Pursue your dreams,” Iranian Filmmaker Maryam Pirband on Being Her People’s Voice

Maryam Pirband is a director and writer with a vision to bring stories to life. Whimsical and at times frightening in its intensity, Maryam weaves together intricate tales of the human spirit through moving pictures. The juxtaposition of cheery, bright themes with the harsh realities of social issues and relationships is one of her many flairs in telling stories that move people.


Her character-driven works are an introspection on society, exploring themes of nature and its close relationship with mankind. Her work on movies like “Dance With Me,” “Silence,” “P6,” “Dandelion Season,” and “My Portion” has helped shed light on prevailing social issues being faced by her people, leaving its mark in the annals of Iranian filmmaking. 


A graduate of Azusa Pacific University, she earned her Master’s degree after completing her filmmaking studies in Iran. Her well-journeyed ethos  in the field has given her a wide breadth of experience. Her films have garnered prestigious accolades, one such notable release being her short film, “Fermysk.” Her work has led her to receive the “Best Female Director Award” at Action on Film International Film Festival for her film “Silence,” released in 2014.


As a female filmmaker from Iran, Maryam has broken through the boundaries many women face within the industry. “ “I know the world can be close-minded and the part of the world I come from has stringent rules for women trying to be themselves,” she explains. Maryam Pirband hopes to use her story and journey to inspire, motivate and encourage other upcoming female filmmakers. She is determined to make Iran proud with her work, using the platform she has created for herself in the film world to tell stories that will bring light and hope to many women out there who have not been able to break through their barriers.

Maryam Pirband has shown the world that Iran is a place of excellence with an array of talented women ready to take the world by storm. She is paving the way for Iran and making sure her success story becomes an inspiration to women of all ages and nationalities. “I believe what Iranian young women started in Iran showed us that we can change these things by being the perfect examples that everyone can achieve success in the fields they desire and the world will go on without issues. I want to see women and young females not only have their basic rights, but live their lives to the fullest, pursue their dreams and make themselves proud.”


“Whether it’s filmmaking or any other industry, nothing or nobody should stand in the way of a woman striving to make a living legally or pursue her dreams of making an impact in the world,” Maryam said.






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