Publicity Coach Lillie Mae Helps Creators Become Entrepreneur Superstars

After growing up in a very poor neighborhood, Lillie Mae became the first college graduate in her family because of her desire to reverse the poverty, gun violence, and drug abuse there.

She has since established Glambitious as a platform for encouraging entrepreneurship as a means to overcome generational gaps. Lillie is driven by giving back and helping those who were like her and who are on a similar journey in their work lives.

She was laid off three times after moving to Atlanta, and discovered entrepreneurship as a result. Being an entrepreneur allows her to fully explore her talents while also providing her with the freedom to share them with the rest of the world. Being able to share her knowledge and advice has driven Lillie to continue helping others through business coaching and her Glambitious program.

Lillie Mae has dedicated her efforts to empowering, giving recognition to, and supporting entrepreneurs of all kinds across the country for more than ten years as the creator of the Glambitious Brand and the Lillie Mae Public Relations Agency.

As a Publicity Coach, she now helps creative entrepreneurs become entrepreneurial superstars through various services and coaching programs on her website. The Glambitious platform is a one-stop shop for female creators to access a variety of tailored marketing services, exposure opportunities, and collaborations that help them gain more visibility and ultimately more revenue.

As an entrepreneurial superstar herself, Lillie knows it’s essential to know your value and understand what you can do as a creator even before sharing your ideas with the world. Lillie is all about having the right mindset and putting in the work that will ensure success.

Lillie is completely dedicated to assisting anybody who is a solopreneur and desires assistance with publicity and marketing. She created and operated Glambitious to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in achieving a greater impact in their industry. Lillie supports all entrepreneurs who seek to grow their influence, impact, and revenue.

She wants everyone to understand that there is something for them and their business ideas if they know where to look. She believes anyone can achieve their goals through specific strategies and especially with the help and advice from her Glambitious coaching.

Lillie Mae has appeared on a variety of well-known and established media outlets including Netflix, Black Enterprise, TMZ Live, The Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, among many others.

On Lillie’s website, her publicity coaching program consists of a private weekly meeting where she links a close group of female CEOs to address both company and social media problems.

She has a burning desire to see women succeed, which she has expressed through an online community where they can take action on their journey to success. It’s a genuine privilege for Lillie to assist ladies to discover their talents, get more attention for their causes, and boost their income.

Lillie knows that entrepreneurs don’t have to feel trapped or restricted in their business. She has established a safe and empowering community at Glambitious that draws them in and assists them. 

Learn more about courses offered by Lillie Mae on her official website.


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