Powering Up: How GreenJuice Is Transforming EV Charging Habits

Powering Up: How GreenJuice Is Transforming EV Charging Habits
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The electric vehicle (EV) market is charging ahead with an unstoppable momentum. By 2030, the number of EVs on U.S. roads is expected to skyrocket to 27 million, necessitating a nearly tenfold increase in charging infrastructure to 35 million points. This burgeoning sector, poised to grow from $7 billion to a staggering $100 billion by 2040, is not just expanding; it’s evolving, demanding smarter, more accessible, and more integrated charging solutions​​​​​​. GreenJuice is one company fulfilling this demand.

A brainchild of two EV enthusiasts, GreenJuice is founded on innovation and user-centric design principles. The company is helmed by Christian Trippler and David Casey, visionary co-founders on a mission to revolutionize the industry. The duo’s journey started six years after purchasing their first EV, leading them to identify and solve real-world problems EV drivers face.

The traditional EV charging process, though it sounds efficient, is quite hectic. As a GreenJuice rep explains, it often stretches into a two-hour ordeal if accounting for the drive and wait times at Level 3 fast-charging stations. This inconvenience contrasts with the swift refueling experience at traditional gas stations, posing a significant barrier to widespread EV adoption.

GreenJuice’s mission is to eliminate the time wastage in EV charging. By strategically placing Level 2 chargers at everyday destinations like grocery stores, gyms, barbershops, workplaces, and residential complexes, they’re integrating charging into the daily routines of EV users. This strategy not only eliminates the need for dedicated charging trips but also enhances the accessibility and convenience of EV ownership.

Reliability is one of the critical factors that set them apart. GreenJuice proudly boasts an uptime of 99.985% over the past six months, a significant leap over the industry average of 90%. This exceptional performance has earned them the trust of prominent partners like Marriott, ensuring EV drivers can confidently rely on GreenJuice stations.

Equally impressive is how the brand tackles the apprehensions of property owners head-on. As a burgeoning industry, there are still lots of questions that still need to be answered. What would it cost to implement EV charging systems and upgrade power grids? What charging level is best suited for their property? Is the EV charging technology in the market to stay?

GreenJuicue’s tailored approach involves a detailed auditing protocol that assesses macro and micro variables. From analyzing the duration of stay at client businesses to the capacity of local power grids, GreenJuice provides cost-effective, customized solutions, ensuring a seamless integration of EV charging facilities into existing infrastructures.

Their commitment to their clients extends beyond installation. They engage in ongoing relationships, offering marketing strategies to attract EV drivers. By leveraging tools like Google and Apple Maps and their app-based marketing solutions, they increase charger visibility and drive customer traffic to businesses.

With an ambitious plan to deploy over 1000 EV chargers across the West Coast in the next 2-3 years, GreenJuice is not just expanding; they’re setting the stage for a nationwide revolution in EV charging. Their mission is a calculated response to the evolving habits of EV drivers, ensuring that the growth of the charging network is as dynamic and user-focused as the vehicles it supports. Ultimately, their user-centric approach promises not just to meet but to anticipate and shape the future needs of EV drivers, one charger at a time.


Published By: Aize Perez


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