Powerful Eyewear Styles for C-Suite Execs

Powerful Eyewear Styles for C-Suite Execs
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The Vision Council estimates that 166.5 million Americans wear eyeglasses. From the country’s population, it’s estimated that there are 199,240 executive professionals, making it likely that most C-suite execs wear spectacles. A report by the Washington Post also found that the more education you have, the more likely you may be myopic. High earners – a category that business leaders fall under – are also more likely to wear glasses than lower earners.

If you are in a high leadership position at your company, you know that appearances matter, from hairstyle to clothing and even your eyewear. What you wear, especially on your face, is highly visible and inevitably communicates something about you. Thus, choosing your glasses’ proper shape, material, and overall style is crucial.

Tips for choosing glasses

The faces of American executive leadership are becoming more diverse. A study of 681 Fortune 500 and S&P companies found that 7.3% of CEOs and 16% of CFOs are women, and 10.7% of CEOs and 10.9% of CFOs are racially or ethnically diverse. There are variations in facial structure per gender and ethnic group. So what works for Apple CEO Tim Cook may not work for IBM CEO Arvind Krishna or CVS Health CEO Karen S. Lynch.

These variations hold true for everyone, regardless of professional status. However, for C-suite executives who want to convey a powerful but flattering appearance, finding eyewear that suits your face shape could help with presenting a positive image of leadership in your organization. Those who share Cook’s oblong-shaped face ought to avoid narrow and rectangular frame shapes that only serve to elongate further. Round-faced execs like Krishna can try classic square frames that provide contrast. Finally, for heart-shaped faces like Lynch’s, rimless, oval glasses help soften features. A well-suited pair of glasses can help you feel confident in the workplace, which radiates and extends to how you interact with colleagues and employees.

Once you’ve figured out your face shape, here are a few eyewear styles to try:

Black acetate frames

The defined angles and no-nonsense nature of rectangular glasses signal that you mean business. Additionally, acetate is a lightweight material that holds up for execs in the tech space who log more hours than usual. Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai is always spotted wearing a pair in this style. Screen-reliant professionals could opt to get a blue light-filtering coating on the lenses for added protection.

Metal-rimmed or rimless glasses

Thick-rimmed glasses often give off an overly “nerdy” appearance, which may not bode well for a leadership position in brash, disruptive industries. Instead, opt for thinly-rimmed glasses in silver or gold, which lend a subtle but not ostentatious luxury to your look. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is rarely photographed without them. You could also go completely rimless with your frames for a seamless, barely-there look.

Browline frames

This iconic style, popularized from the ’40s to ’60s, can lend an old-school charm to your appearance. Professionals in legacy companies may find this eyewear style suitable. They draw attention to your eyebrow area, subtly signaling colleagues and peers to make eye contact with you and encourage communication. This is relevant because previously, we discussed the importance of effective communication to be a true leader. When choosing your pair, ensure that the top part of the frames only partly cover your brows.

Transparent styles

Clear frames make sense in the workplace for various reasons. A study published by Cambridge University suggested that executives who are older, bald, or wear glasses receive lower survey assessments due to an implicit age bias. However, a transparent pair could make one look youthful. Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa wears this style often. Transparent frames may also suggest transparency and openness, making you look more approachable.

No matter which option you pick, match your eyewear with great posture and a sharp power outfit for maximum results. Now, you can navigate your workday with clarity and style.

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