Power of Somatic Intelligence Lead by Chen Lizra wins a 2024 Global Recognition Award

Power of Somatic Intelligence Lead by Chen Lizra wins a 2024 Global Recognition Award
Photo Courtesy: Chen Lizra

New York, March 2024 – The groundbreaking work of the Power of Somatic Intelligence, under the leadership of founder Chen Lizra, has been honored with a 2024 Global Recognition Award. This prestigious award underscores the significant impact and innovation of the Power of Somatic Intelligence to the health and wellness industry, particularly in somatic coaching and healing emotional trauma.

Located in Cyprus, the Power of Somatic Intelligence is at the forefront of introducing a novel approach to healing emotional trauma. By focusing on the body’s role in the healing process, this method diverges from traditional, cognition-focused therapies to a more holistic approach. This somatic approach has revolutionized the way trauma is treated, offering hundreds of clients a path to profound and lasting recovery.

Innovative Approach to Healing

The Power of Somatic Intelligence’s method, developed by Chen Lizra, is recognized for its unique and practical approach to addressing trauma. “I founded a method that is one of a kind in the world for healing trauma,” Lizra remarks, highlighting the significance of their services in the industry. This method, the company’s flagship service, has demonstrated its effectiveness and appeal through its widespread adoption and success stories.

From Personal Experience to Global Solution

The origins of this innovative method are deeply rooted in Lizra’s journey of overcoming trauma due to her mom’s mental illness. Her experiences have shaped the technique’s development and imbued the company with a deep sense of purpose and dedication to healing. Lizra’s personal story and professional achievements, including her role as a TED Speaker with over 12 million views, nominations for Women of Influence awards in Canada, and lucrative interviews, underscore the profound impact of her work.

Recognition and Impact

The recognition of the Power of Somatic Intelligence with a 2024 Global Recognition Award highlights the company’s pioneering contributions to the health and wellness sector. Lizra’s achievements and the company’s innovative approach are testament to their leadership in somatic coaching. This method not only represents a significant advancement in trauma body treatment but also offers hope and healing to a growing number of clients worldwide.

The Future of Trauma Healing

As society continues to grapple with the widespread issue of emotional trauma, likened by Lizra to “another type of pandemic,” the need for innovative and effective healing methods becomes ever more critical. The Power of Somatic Intelligence is leading the way with its somatic approach, providing a beacon of hope and tangible results for those affected by trauma.

Final Words

Alex Sterling, spokesperson for the Global Recognition Awards, praised the Power of Somatic Intelligence’s contributions: “The work of the Power of Somatic Intelligence, led by Chen Lizra, exemplifies the innovation and commitment we seek to recognize with a 2024 Global Recognition Award. Their groundbreaking approach to healing trauma through the body is not only pioneering in the field but also offers significant hope to many facing the challenges of trauma.”

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