From CEO to Author: ‘Alba’s Voice’ Transforms Loss into a Saga of Resilience and Legacy

'Alba's Voice' Transforms Loss into a Saga of Resilience and Legacy
Photo Courtesy: Gabriel T. Arce, Jr.

By: Joshua Finley 

Gabriel T. Arce, Jr.’s foray into the literary world with his debut novel, “Alba’s Voice,” marks a significant departure from his acclaimed career in renewable energy, introducing him as a formidable new voice in storytelling. Amidst the global upheaval of a pandemic, grappling with a life-altering injury, and mourning the loss of his mother, Alba Terminel, Arce found solace and expression in writing. What began as a modest endeavor—a 30-page memoir to honor his mother and support the Alba Union for Migrants and Elder Rights, a nonprofit fighting against elder abuse—blossomed into an ambitious 470-page saga. This evolution reflects a deep dive into Arce’s personal journey, professional insights, and cultural heritage, weaving a rich narrative that pays homage to his roots and advocates for change.

“Alba’s Voice” emerges as a remarkable narrative achievement, tracing the lives of the Terminel-Sagasta family over generations against the vivid backdrop of Sonora, Mexico. As Arce explored the intricacies of his characters’ lives, a powerful matrilineal theme emerged, celebrating the strength, wisdom, and legacy of women. This revelation shifted the book’s direction towards historical fiction, imbuing the story with a profound exploration of heritage, the lasting impact of matriarchal figures, and the complex interplay of personal and collective history.

The novel stands as a testament to storytelling’s power to memorialize, resist, and illuminate. Through the lens of the Terminel-Sagasta family, Arce offers a narrative that is both a personal homage and a wider reflection on resilience, identity, and the relentless spirit of women through history. His journey from renewable energy to literature underscores the transformative potential of narrative to bridge divides, foster healing, and champion social change.

'Alba's Voice' Transforms Loss into a Saga of Resilience and Legacy
Photo Courtesy: Gabriel T. Arce, Jr.

A Catalyst for Change

“The genesis of ‘Alba’s Voice’ is intricately tied to Arce’s multifaceted professional life and his profound cultural connections. His work on cross-border energy initiatives and his dedication to elder and migrant rights illuminate the intricate connections between environmental advocacy, social justice, and the narratives that shape our lives. These experiences crafted the novel’s foundation, exploring the rich tapestry of identity, legacy, and the human condition within the context of environmental and socio-political landscapes.

Gabriel reflected, “As I delved deeper, I realized this wasn’t just a story about my mother; it became a universal tale about all mothers.” He continued, “In truth, I found myself more of a witness than a creator. As the story unfolded, I was merely the conduit through which these narratives flowed, almost as if the words themselves were guiding the journey. “The passing of Arce’s mother catalyzed his advocacy against elder abuse, leading to the establishment of the Alba Union for Migrants and Elder Rights. This period of personal loss and reflection profoundly influenced the novel’s development, transforming grief into a purpose-driven narrative.

A New Chapter

Transitioning from a CEO in the renewable energy sector to a celebrated author, Gabriel T. Arce, Jr. embodies resilience and the capacity to transform personal challenges into avenues for creative and societal contribution. “Alba’s Voice” symbolizes more than a literary achievement; it represents a confluence of past and present, personal loss, and the pursuit of justice. Arce’s narrative journey underscores the importance of embracing life’s unpredictability, finding beauty in the unexpected, and giving voice to the silenced. In literature, Arce discovers a novel platform for advocacy, empathy, and storytelling, shedding light on the depth of the human experience.

Set to grace bookshelves worldwide in multiple languages by late fall 2024, “Alba’s Voice” is anticipated to make a profound impact on Latin American literature. This novel invites readers into a deeply woven narrative of family, culture, and the unbreakable ties that span generations, promising a rich journey through the pages of history and the essence of human connection.

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