Power Couple Sheldon and Tammi Moore Sets the Blueprint for Excellent Partnership in Love and Business

Establishing a successful partnership, whether in life or business, requires effective communication, understanding from both parties, compensating for each other’s shortcomings, and quickly resolving disagreements efficiently. One couple that has managed to combine love and business, breaking the boundaries of excellence and inspiring other couples to take on the challenge is Sheldon and Tammi Moore, owners of the reputable trucking business Yael Transportation and coaching agency, A Truckerpreneur, LLC.

Sheldon and Tammi Moore are a dynamic duo whose remarkable teamwork as a couple and business partners has catapulted their trucking company to the peak of the billion-dollar trucking industry in less than three years. Together, the power couple has overcome obstacles in their personal lives and careers and now stands at the helm of a successful brand in the cargo van and box trucking industry, offering a full service, including freight delivery, business coaching, training, and dispatching.  

With razor-sharp focus, God-given vision, and astute industry insight, Sheldon and Tammi Moore exemplify success with a go-getting personality that continues to propel them forward. Best known as Coach Sheldon, Sheldon was a top car salesman for two decades before he began his trucking career. After driving 18-wheelers for other companies, he pursued his entrepreneurial journey and founded Yael Transportation. On the other hand, Tammi was a successful healthcare executive with big pharma companies, with a gift to reach people and bring out the best in them effortlessly. Throughout her journey in the health industry, she never considered the transportation field until she received a prophecy from her minister in 2009 that her future path lies in transport. 

She ignored the prophecy, but 13 years later, she met Sheldon and their paths aligned. “Sheldon was in the transportation industry when I met him. We started dating, fell in love, got married, and together we are in the transportation space. So a part of me is still in awe about this journey,  but on the other Spectrum, I could not have asked for a better husband in a better business partner,” shared Tammi. With help from her beloved husband, Tammi founded WJMR Transportation and now serves as CFO of Yael, managing finance, administration, marketing, and staff.

Today, Sheldon and Tammi Moore are founders of three trucking companies: Yael Transportation, WJMR Transportation, and A Truckerpreneur LLC, the first two offering trucking services, while the latter is a coaching and training firm that teaches emerging entrepreneurs how to start a trucking company and scale it to success. “We have seven employees in the coaching firm alone. I am the overseer of both the box truck and cargo van coaches. In addition, we have a person tasked to handle social media and a number of people who manage contracts. Having seven people is not much, but each person has a role that is vital to our operations,” shared Sheldon.

When asked about their challenges as a married couple in a business partnership, the power couple shared that effective communication was the secret to running a successful enterprise. “We disagree sometimes, but we have ways of getting one to understand the other. For example, my wife normally allows me to make decisions independently, but when she is adamant about her stance, I reconsider and listen to her. It’s important that you keep tension, your attitude, and your temperament in check; if we make a mistake, we accept the mistake and find a solution,” explained Sheldon.

In the coming years, Sheldon and Tammi Moore aim to expand their companies across the nation while inspiring emerging entrepreneurs, especially couples, to tap into their God-given union and build successful brands. 


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