Pour Your Heart into Them and They Will Pour Their Love Back into Your Business, says Lane Kidd of The Kidd Coffee Company

Pour Your Heart into Them and They Will Pour Their Love Back into Your Business, says Lane Kidd of The Kidd Coffee Company
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In the bustling world of coffee, where a steaming cup of joe can be sourced from any corner of the globe, standing out is no small feat. But for Lane Kidd, owner of The Kidd Coffee Company, it’s not just about the brew—it’s about the heart that’s poured into every aspect of the business, from bean to cup. 

“We focus on high-quality products and an over the counter customer amazing customer service,” explains Kidd, who has made it his mission to not just serve coffee but to serve people with unwavering excellence. With a palpable passion in his voice, Kidd shares that in a world brimming with quality cafes, the distinctive character of The Kidd Coffee Company shines through its unparalleled customer service. “It’s not magic, just solid old-school genuine service,” he insists. We call it an “over the counter” experience.  And he’s not wrong—this approach has carved a special place for his company in the hearts of guests and clients alike.

Kidd is a refreshing anomaly in an age often riddled with automated customer service and impersonal online transactions. His philosophy is simple, yet profoundly impactful: “Honesty, integrity, and class mixed with gritty hard work has resulted in our success.” It’s a mantra that Kidd has woven into the very fabric of his company’s culture since 1999 when his father Victor Kidd, the founder, opened the business. Although Victor passed along the business and the groundwork to Lane in 2016, he’s still very active and loves contributing where needed! 

However, success did not come overnight. It was fostered through a steadfast commitment to connecting with people. “Really connecting with all of our customers and especially the staff members.  Turns out, people love it, they crave an experience with authentic good hearted people.” Kidd reveals. This genuine connection, he believes, is what keeps customers returning and staff motivated. It’s tough but incredibly rewarding.

And The Kidd Coffee Company is booming. Evolving beyond the standard brick-and-mortar model, Kidd’s vision has propelled his business into becoming a coveted amenity for business buildings and beyond, allowing for incredible growth and expansion.

“We are growing,” Kidd states with a smile, hinting at an exciting future for the company. His sister, Brittany Kidd, has played a significant role in aligning operations at the roasting facility that has paved the path for solid growth. 

“We’ve gotten away from the standard brick-and-mortar style and focused on becoming an amenity for business buildings and others.” With such flexibility, The Kidd Coffee Company has soared, and now there’s talk of franchising—spreading the joy of their unique offerings far and wide.

Yet, no matter how much growth and expansion Kidd envisions, the ethos of the company remains unaltered. “Negative vibes cloud a clear vision, positive vibes propel a mighty mission,” he shares sagely, a quote that encapsulates his outlook on business. This perspective is contagious and has been a cornerstone of The Kidd Coffee Company’s culture, inspiring both staff and customers to embrace positivity.

Based in the Cincinnati business districts, The Kidd Coffee Company has also tapped into the digital realm, selling their fresh-roasted, handcrafted high-quality coffee online, nationwide. Their brand biography boasts of excellence and exclusivity, yet it’s all wrapped up in the warmth of personal touch and care.

For those curious about what makes The Kidd Coffee Company tick, or for coffee aficionados eager to taste their brew, Kidd invites you to visit their social media platforms. With an active presence on Facebook and a visually enticing Instagram, there are ample opportunities to connect with the company and perhaps take a sip of what they have to offer.

At the end of the day, what Lane Kidd and The Kidd Coffee Company exemplify is that success is not a byproduct of mere transactions, but of meaningful interactions. Pour your heart into your work, treat your clientele well—like, really well—and not only will you witness the growth of a business, but you’ll also witness something far greater: the blossoming of a community.


Published By: Aize Perez


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