Peter O. Estévez Life-Changing Strategies through Peter O. Estévez Show

For Peter O. Estévez, it took losing his parents and going through a divorce for his life to take a drastic turn, which led him to become transformed, to discover who he really is, and to improve himself as a person. Once he had completed his rediscovery phase, he began writing his first book, From Lies to Riches: 13 Steps To a Healthy Life. That same period, he launched his podcast called Peter O. Estévez Show, where he talks about addiction, recovery, and mental health, having been through it all in the last twenty-two years.

Peter O. Estévez is a Hispanic businessman, entrepreneur, and partner in several companies in the energy and oil and gas sector in his home country of Mexico. Peter was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and immigrated to the United States at the age of ten. Away from business and investment, Peter is a philanthropist and a strong advocate for recovery and mental health; he is also a writer, author, thought-leader and a podcast host who is on a mission to bring together thought leaders from across the globe to help adapt, evolve, and thrive in the ever-dynamic world.

As he has explained on numerous occasions, Peter discovered his process when he was recovering from everything life threw at him, and he took that period to address the issues he had been dealing with since childhood.

“I discovered that life is not singular. There is more than just being an entrepreneur or just being a father. I am a whole and complete human being who has a lot to offer to the universe,” he said. Once he realized this, he knew that the faster he could find his completeness, the quicker he could become a better businessman, father, son, and most importantly, a better member of the community. Only that way can he make a reasonable impact in the world at large. “Not only to serve me better but to serve others as well,” he explained.

Once he had discovered himself and his purpose, Peter embarked on a personal journey to clean up his past and effectively address the various issues he had accumulated over the years. On Peter O. Estévez Show, Peter advocates for everybody who wants to live a healthy and stress-less life to take care of their emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health. According to him, only when all these are put in the right place and order can one become the best version of himself/herself.

The podcast is thus an incredible tool and opportunity to meet incredible thought-leaders globally, to meet people with a high level of intelligence, and to learn from their experience. Peter, in turn, reaches out to his audience by transferring the knowledge he had garnered to them. His book From Lies to Riches: 13 Steps To a Healthy Life  is simply a compendium of his story, past experiences, and how he overcame his challenges.

Peter is committed to identifying, empowering and developing personal development leaders globally with extra attention given to those in the Latinx communities and serving and transforming at least 100 million people in the US and globally by the end of 2028.Listen to the Peter O. Estévez Show and be inspired.


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