Paul Lamar Hunter Talks About Success and Breaking Down Barriers Through the Book “No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child”

Inarguably, being born to privilege has its advantages. Many of the powerhouses that stand at the summit of multiple industries today managed to get there not only through sheer will and the determination to establish their names but also thanks to the help of the right connections and adequate resources. However, if there is one thing that successful people from humble beginnings could prove, it is the feasibility to translate any vision into reality so long as they persevere and have faith. Through his work, renowned author Paul Lamar Hunter wants to send across a message of hope to aspirants all over the world. 

Born the 19th child of 21 and the first in the family to earn a degree, Paul Lamar Hunter hails from Racine, Wisconsin. From the get-go, he became intimately privy to the struggles that come hand in hand with poverty as it heavily featured in his childhood along with neglect and tragedy. When his father and brother died, his mother, Louise, focused her energy on the homeless shelter she founded. While the establishment was launched to serve as a stabilizing point for the family and a source of respite, it, unfortunately, evolved into a breeding ground of dysfunction. 

Paul Lamar Hunter moved forward through it all, and his determined spirit and unshakeable faith pushed him to greater heights. This motivational speaker and author graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Upper Iowa University, setting out to stand as a pillar of support and an inspiration to the millions of people worldwide trying to materialize their dreams in the face of challenges. 

Currently, Paul Lamar Hunter, a proud father of four, is making a difference in the lives of others through his autobiography titled “No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child.” At the core of this masterpiece is an emphasis on how one’s lineage does not determine the quality of their life, nor will it dictate the trajectory of their journey to success. Since its release, the book has snagged numerous recognition, earning the attention of Ebony Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine, SA Express News, Radar Online, and more. Additionally, it has captured the interest of readers not only for encouraging dreamers to barrel through the barriers but also because of the story behind its creation. “I wrote this book in response to my mother’s story “Love and Charity, The Life and Story of Louise Hunter and The Love and Charity Homeless Shelter” that was written by Dennis James Woods,” the purpose-driven individual shares. 

So far, Paul Lamar Hunter has graced several television shows, including Face The Truth, Living 808, Good Things Utah, The Morning Blend, Travis Smiley, Tom Joyner, and Fox and Friends. With the drop of his future projects in the future, he is expected to cement his name even more solidly and reach more individuals. 

Armed with the message that the limits of nature and nurture can be broken down by faith, determination, and fortitude, Paul Lamar Hunter plans to inspire change in others, maneuver them in the right direction, and motivate them through his books and speaking engagements. By doing so, he wishes to see more success stories from those who beat the odds.

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