Nick Laureano Motivating and Inspiring the World in Deeds, Words and Actions

In a world filled with negativity, it is imperative for there to be sprinkles of positivity and uplifting from time to time. Motivational speaker, actor, influencer and entrepreneur Nick Laureano is using his life’s journey and experience as a point of contact for people looking to improve their lives, dwell in positivity and achieve their dreams.

Nick Laureano, 26, is from Brockton, MA who has been committed to influencing, inspiring, motivating and shining his light on the path of people finding their way in life. His past experiences navigating pain, disappointments, struggles and many of life’s other vagaries. He built himself into an individual worth emulating and has given many keynote speeches to that effect. Nick believes everyone has a story and each day brings new updates to those stories whether good or bad.

Rising from a life of obscurity into a life worthy of emulation has placed Nick Laureano on the spot, which is why he lives every day with a mission to inspire. His goal out of life is to leave an impact and his powerful speeches, motivational words and infectious energy have kept many people going in their lives. He enjoys seeing other people thrive and smile, and he feels even better when he plays a part in people’s successes. “My content continues to rise, empower, and spark a change in every individual who watches it. Daily I get messages on how I inspired someone who was feeling stuck or stagnant in life and that alone is my why. My goal is to be one of the most recognized influencers leaving a mark on humanity in such a positive light while chasing my dream as an actor,” he said. 

He’s the founder of Only the Motivated, a clothing brand that creates merchandise and clothing items that bear motivational and inspirational messages. The clothing company is positioned at the center of his ideology which is to promote positivity in a world filled with negativity. 

While he continues to draw motivation from things going on in the world and doing his part to help people get better, he’s also building his dreams. In a few years, he sees himself becoming an actor of repute and one of this generation’s most influential motivational speakers. He hopes to leave a legacy and be remembered as that person who kept pushing to be himself without cowering into other people’s demands and expectations. He also plans to build his own family, own real estate and build businesses all over the world.

Nick Laureano understands how it feels to lose the drive, motivation and discipline to maximize one’s goals. It’s why he’s doing his best to empower people to never give up at the first sight of failure or by listening to other people’s opinions. “No matter how challenging life may seem, it does get better with a strong motive and ambitious mindset,” he said.


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