New You Spas and President Oxana Nourse are Revolutionizing the MedSpa Industry in Toronto

When Oxana Nourse decided to enter the Medical Spa business, she found one glaring problem with the current industry: people were paying for a service, not results. In many cases where treatments are subpar, she felt they were paying for nothing. So as she set out to differentiate her company from others in an already crowded marketplace, her mission was simple: to build a company and team that guaranteed high-quality results to clients. For Oxana, nothing less was acceptable.

And so, New You Spas and Cosmetic Centers were born throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Now Canada’s #1 anti-aging clinic with eight locations and more than 1 million procedures performed, Oxana and New You are revolutionizing MedSpa offerings while exceeding client expectations.

As President, Oxana is deeply invested in the New You Spas brand and entirely focused on harnessing the power of teams to elevate her brand. With New You growing steadily due to their high standards, Oxana credits her strengths of empathy and being emotionally intelligent, capital-efficient, multidimensional and collaborative for their massive success.

What Sets New You Spas Apart From the Crowd

New You Spas and Cosmetic Centers face significant competition in the MedSpa industry. Still, they can stand above the rest by offering more than 40 of the most desirable treatments of today for both women and men. Their expert nurses are trained in the most successful methods used worldwide, and their Medical Director has discovered numerous breakthroughs in making cosmetic treatments effective. Dr. Mark Baily brings years of experience and training in Botulinum Toxin for migraines and cosmetic facial enhancement to his position at New You.

While their results bring clients back to New You Spas in droves, Oxana Nourse has ensured that the entire experience at her Greater Toronto area Cosmetic Centers is superior. Each office is elegantly appointed, and every single staff member is fully trained to answer questions best while making clients feel like family members. Even the most minute details about client preferences are always remembered and respected.

How Oxana Nourse Elevates the New You Spas Brand

“At the end of the day, results matter, whether that be bottom-line results or the customer experience, and I am very results-driven,” Oxana says of her leadership style and how she achieves success. “To be successful in business today, we need great collaboration. Whether that looks like your sales team going the extra mile to meet objectives or allowing enough flexibility to accommodate your employees, as President, I engage the power of teams.”

New You Spas pride itself on providing a five-star Concierge service experience for clients in the Greater Toronto area. Oxana Nourse knows she couldn’t offer this without a happy, well-trained, professional staff. Oxana fosters a work environment where employees feel valued and appreciated, motivating the team to perform at the highest possible level. Ambition, taking the initiative and creative thinking are all encouraged and rewarded, with every employee given limitless opportunities within the company.

But without a unique product, New You Spas would be on par with many of its competitors. So Oxana and her team go above and beyond to offer the newest and best technologies by sourcing them globally, providing results that can’t be found elsewhere. Under Oxana’s guidance, New You is leading and setting the trends in the industry, constantly engaging innovative non-surgical aesthetic techniques and services. At New You, you won’t find routine body contouring and skin rejuvenation procedures; instead, the boundaries of what’s possible will be pushed until complete satisfaction is achieved.

Oxana is incredibly proud of how New You is shaping and contributing to the cosmetic enhancement industry and what they’ve accomplished quickly. “Finishing something that no one thought was possible, taking on something large and challenging and getting it done” gives Oxana great satisfaction, as well as “pleasing my clients, seeing their results, and seeing how we’ve positively impacted someone’s life.”

With a laser-like focus on New You’s ability to maintain or improve clients’ appearances to increase confidence and provide high-quality results, Oxana remains fully committed to growing the New You brand. Although she has extensive experience in other industries, she enjoys the entrepreneurial experience of utilizing her many skill sets and combining her corporate training with her independent business ownership.

With Oxana at the helm and New You’s impeccably trained staff executing her vision, we can expect big things ahead for Toronto’s premier MedSpa brand.


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