New King Multimedia Group Searches for The Next Big Artists, Investing On Their Dreams of Making It in The Entertainment Industry

Many artists are vying for the attention of record labels and their own audiences, making the entertainment industry a highly competitive one. Due to the tough competition against aspiring musicians and established artists, it can be difficult for new contenders in the industry to get started. 

The tough competition can be attributed to the music industry’s continuous growth and success. This is precisely why New King Multimedia Group LLC invests in aspiring artists by providing them excellent counsel in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

New King Multimedia Group LLC is a sole entity and exclusive personal management located in the Western England area, created to sign and develop musical acts, produce and promote independent films, and form a major multimedia outlet/hub for new musicians, models, and actors outside of New York and Los Angeles. They are currently managing three acts – Trudytheproducer, Kevin Randolph, and Sxint Peter.

New King Multimedia Group Invests in Artist Development

The New King Multimedia Group believes that an artist’s success depends on their ability to push forward despite challenges and develop the talents that got them dreaming and aiming high in the first place. According to the team, they believe that artist development is lacking in the entertainment industry these days, which made the group focus on that crucial aspect. CEO Anthony King expounds, “Artists put in the hard work, and we will invest in their dreams by taking them higher and farther than any other. Music is not only our passion. It’s our priority.”

The US talent acquisition company aims to successfully oversee musical artists’ growth and development by giving them excellent counseling and guidance in every aspect of their music career, from the beginning until they fully establish themselves in the industry. Musicians, singers, rappers, producers, and songwriters are guaranteed to have exemplary career advice that can help them in their pursuit of success. In addition, New King Multimedia Group helps these artists pitch their works to the labels.

The company’s commendable service is a testament to its value proposition, “taking your music career seriously, one track at a time.”

The Next Big Star In The Music Industry

In their continuous mission to discover the next big thing, New King Multimedia Group is looking for new aspiring and talented musical artists to break into the music industry. They are opening the door to work with musicians, singers, rappers, music producers, and songwriters from the age group of 18-40 from anywhere in the United States.

Serious and interested talents are encouraged to submit their music, videos, and photos for evaluation. New King Multimedia Group will make its final decision on Jan 20, 2023, and will contact all applicants within 14 days with feedback on their demo. All music submissions must be copyrighted.


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