Navigating Business Ownership: Keith Liscio’s Journey and Expertise

Photo Courtesy: Keith Liscio
Photo Courtesy: Keith Liscio

By: AK Infinite

Keith Liscio, the Founder and President of Excelsior Franchise Center, brings a wealth of experience and expertise as a seasoned consultant and coach for prospective business owners. 

Keith earned a degree in marketing from Villanova University and later an MBA from the Wharton School. But even before he navigated entrepreneurship and the corporate world, working with giants like Procter & Gamble, Nabisco, and Kraft, he started working in small, family-run businesses and even in a franchise flipping burgers. In time, he became an entrepreneur importing ceramics from Italy and ran his own Executive Recruiting Firm for 20 years. 

“If I’ve learned anything along this journey, it’s that running a business is NOT for everybody. Entrepreneurship is even tougher, taking long hours, expertise, commitment, and a high tolerance for risk,” says Keith. This realization and his diverse background and experiences ignited his passion for helping others realize their dreams of business ownership.

While acknowledging the hardships and challenges of business ownership, Keith also emphasizes how rewarding it is to run your own business and be your own boss. Overcoming the risk can be truly rewarding, and Keith champions the notion that buying a franchise can be the optimal route to entrepreneurship for many individuals. 

“You’re investing in an established system that’s already successful. You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself. There are hundreds of options available, allowing buyers to choose a business that capitalizes on their strengths and interests while accommodating their preferred working styles,” says Keith. Aspiring business owners can mitigate risk by investing in a proven and successful system while capitalizing on their strengths and interests. Moreover, Liscio’s keen insight into the franchise landscape allows him to streamline the process, saving clients time and money.

At Excelsior Franchise Center, Keith’s approach goes beyond mere matchmaking; it fosters meaningful connections and empowers individuals to embark on transformative journeys. 

One of their milestones is building their unique program, the Business Ownership Accelerator. By delving into each individual’s personality type and facilitating a test using their assessment tools, their team can match which business ownership opportunities best align with their client’s unique strengths and preferences. This also enables them to offer options from full-time owner/operator opportunities to semi-passive investment opportunities that offer strong returns with a manager in place.

Through his innovative Business Ownership Accelerator program, Keith delves deep into understanding his clients’ aspirations, motivations, and unique personality traits. By leveraging assessment tools beyond surface-level considerations, he ensures that each business ownership opportunity is tailored to the individual, resulting in a perfect fit that transcends mere profitability. This personalized approach streamlines the decision-making process and ensures that clients embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence and clarity.

However, Keith’s artful interpretation of this data truly sets his brokerage apart. Drawing from his extensive experience in the field, he employs a nuanced understanding of market dynamics and emerging trends to match clients with business ownership opportunities that may not have initially been on their radar. 

Keith’s keen understanding of the ever-evolving franchising landscape provides invaluable insights into regulatory changes, competition trends, and market dynamics. His knowledge and intuitive approach helps clients make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success in the competitive franchise marketplace. In addition, Keith doesn’t charge clients for his services. Instead, upon successfully awarding a franchise, his franchise partner pays him a fee from its designated marketing budget.

If you’re considering business ownership, having the support of experienced professionals like Keith and Excelsior Franchise Center could prove beneficial as you begin your journey. 

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