Movieverse Entertainment’s CEO Victor Migalchan Is Aiming for the Stars in the Global Movie Industry

The film world has become a global affair that does not require filmmakers to stay in one specific location. Victor Migalchan took this as the mode of operation for his film company, Movieverse Entertainment, and has gone on to create movies and TV shows worldwide. Currently, Movieverse Entertainment has projects like My American Family, Modern Kung Fu, and a new cooking show titled Dragon Chef in the works. As the CEO, Victor Migalchan ensures the company works with Emmy Award-winning writers and producers to create these projects that air worldwide.

Movieverse Entertainment is made up of an international team of professionals with a mutual vision and aligned goals. It is a forward-thinking company that adopts all the latest technical and artistic innovations in filmmaking. Its films are based on themes like family values, friendship values, partnership, authenticity, personal growth, diversity, personal growth values, societal issues, and cultural values. “We bring back old school values and strike against negative issues in society. We unite people of different origins, cultures, countries and show how we can live together in happiness and collaborate. Hatred closes the doors, however when the heart and the fist are open, the whole world becomes open,” Victor explains.

Some of the other projects the film company has in the pre-production stages include Anna and Axie, an educational project for kids between 0 and 7 years, a feature film written by Emmy Award winner Nicolas Coster titled The Sun Also Dies, and a holiday musical that will unite people of various cultures. Victor is also writing a book about filmmaking titled How I Created and Produced My 1st TV Show.

Building Movieverse Entertainment was born out of Victor’s self-motivation and desire to build an iconic company in the film industry. He worked for a while with a satellite television station, where he garnered experience working on red carpet interviews, travel shows, talk shows, etc. In 2019, he decided to establish his own production company, which is Movieverse Entertainment today.

His five-year goal is to be at the Emmy Awards as a nominee and eventually go home with a winner’s plaque. He also hopes to win at the Oscars and Grammy Awards and get his name out there as a notable force in the film industry. “I have a certain message and mission in this world. I do what I believe is right, and this motivates me all the time. The company will grow. We will have more projects coming, more development opportunities will be offered, and more people will be employed. I will continue to build a team for the company, and I believe our team will grow tremendously,” Victor said.

Beyond creating movies, Victor Migalchan plans to invest more in the United States and help as many small businesses as possible to develop. He intends to support education, security, minority groups and those without a voice in society.Learn more about Victor Migalchan on his official Instagram page.


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