Mont’e Millions Creating a Legacy in Music and Beyond

Most people who achieve greatness have one thing in mind—to leave a lasting legacy that outlives them. The same can easily be said about artist and entrepreneur Mont’e Millions, who is on his way to creating a global name in the music world and other related ventures. And there’s no stopping him from achieving more significant milestones as he continues to solidify his place in business and entertainment.

Montressa L. Cunningham, or more widely known in the industry as Mont’e Millions, is a musician, entrepreneur, and breakout artist who has reached worldwide renown in record time. Apart from owning his own label, which has reached seven figures in value to date, he’s a chart-topping songwriter and performer. His most notable song to date is the pop-country musical hit “SALLY,” which has already reached over 12 million streams on various platforms despite being released this year. The song has topped multiple charts and continues to grow in popularity.

Mont’e’s musical roots go back to his grandfather, Elijah Cunningham, part of the elite Gospel Quartet group that flourished back in the sixties to seventies. Elijah once opened for the sensation known as The Mighty Clouds of Joy. The performer would serve as Mont’e’s role model growing up as he aspired to stand on his shoulders and build a music brand of his own. The singer’s aunt, Yvonne Jackson, would eventually mentor Mont’e and taught him foundational principles of blues and performing.

At thirteen years old, Mont’e Millions started performing in front of crowds, breaking through after performing with the iconic Miami artist Betty Wright, who would take the budding singer under her wings. She would help Mont’e record and write songs through his teen years and get him on stage to perform all across the United States in hip hop, gospel, and R&B concerts. Mont’e has performed alongside BB King, Bo Diddley, and many other big names in the music industry.

His first EP album would come to life in 2007, which he produced under his independent label, Life After Death Entertainment. His tracks would air in over ninety radio stations internationally and sell over 150,000 copies. Around that time, Mont’e started diving into other ventures, including writing books. He currently has authored six titles, namely Shattered Mirrors, Every Piece Matters, The Best of Both Worlds, The Best of Both Worlds Journal, My Life Story: From Rags to Riches, and Shattered Mirrors: Self-Help Guide.

Mont’e Millions is also due to launch his next book and first in the children’s category very soon. The book is entitled Sally, like his hit single, and tells a compelling story of a character based on Mont’e who moves from the countryside to the city to pursue his wildest dreams. 

The entrepreneur also has other ventures in various industries like the food and business market and many others. Mont’e is also a philanthropist who uses his platform and resources to help the underprivileged through the Monte Millions foundation and the Betty Wright Foundation in honor of his late mentor. 

To learn more about Mont’e Millions and his various content, ventures, and musical journey, visit his website, Spotify account, Instagram profile and TikTok account.


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