Monae’s Wine: A Symphony of Artisanal Wine Crafted to Inspire

Monae’s Wine: A Symphony of Artisanal Wine Crafted to Inspire
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In the domain of winemaking, a world often described as traditional, European, and male-dominated, a new name is carving an extraordinary path. That name is Dr. Monique Simone Barr, a woman whose determination, tenacity, and vision have culminated in the creation of a unique wine collection known as Monae’s Wine.

Monae’s Wine is not just another brand on the wine shelf. It encapsulates a philosophy and mission that is straightforward, yet powerful: “Create premier wine that is authentic, accessible, and artisanal.” The brand reverberates with a resonating quote, “Wine made with passion: to Inspire, Cultivate, & Relax One’s Spirit!!”

Barr’s journey into the world of winemaking began after completing Cornell’s Wine Essentials classes. Equipped with sharpened skills and extensive knowledge, she decided to launch “Monae’s Wines,” marking her entry as one of the few certified Black female winemakers in the nation.

Her ascension in the world of wine is more than just personal achievement. Barr sees it as an opportunity to bridge the gap by advocating for and highlighting underrepresented groups in the wine world, with a particular emphasis on Black females. Her mission is steeped in courage and a deep sense of purpose.

“Starting a business as a Black woman requires a lot of gumption,” Dr. Barr admits. Despite the challenges, she remains steadfast, drawing strength from a loving and supportive husband and an encouraging community that stands behind her. They catch her when she is weak, support and encourage her at every step, and help keep her grounded.

Breaking into an industry that has historically been male-dominated takes a special kind of resilience. Dr. Barr acknowledges that it requires an “extreme case of confidence, courage, and thick skin.” Yet, she is not deterred. She has positioned herself as one of the leading Black female winery and wine collection owners who are paving the way for others to follow.

As a leader in her field, Dr. Barr seeks to provide much-needed encouragement and inspiration for the next generation of minority female business owners. She aims to create a ripple effect that will extend beyond her generation, building community wealth that will persist long into the future.

Dr. Barr’s journey is a testament to her trailblazing spirit. With every bottle of Monae’s Wine, she is not just offering a quality wine experience; she is challenging norms, creating spaces for traditionally underrepresented groups, and inspiring a future generation of wine enthusiasts and makers.

To taste the passion imbued in every bottle of Monae’s Wine and to partake in Dr. Monique Simone Barr’s inspiring journey, visit their website, You can also connect with them on Instagram at monaes_wine and on Facebook at Nikki Murdock. Here’s to a future where wine is not just a symbol of fine taste but also a beacon of diversity and inclusion.


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