Mobmio invests $500,000 in New Platform for Global Growth

Mobmio invests $500,000 in New Platform for Global Growth

Mobile Apps Growth Platform Mobmio is preparing to launch a new version of its platform with significant enhancements in tracking and displaying its results. The new platform will rely on raw data, automation and access to stats through a “single window”. 

After months of dedicated research and development, Mobmio introduced revolutionary tracking and analytics capabilities. Say goodbye to the days of sifting through endless spreadsheets and disparate data sources. Their new platform streamlines the tracking process, providing you with real-time insights and actionable analytics through a single, intuitive interface. This marks a significant milestone in Mobmio’s journey and reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in mobile performance marketing.

The company has already invested $500,000 in these innovations in the first quarter of 2024 and plans to increase the global number of clients and partners by 2.5 times in a year. The project continues its rapid growth under the wing of Mitgo X, the R&D department of Mitgo Group, one of the global IT industry leaders in AdTech and MarTech.

The mobile industry has experienced a sustained surge over the past few years. According to Mobmio’s estimations, global mobile orders witnessed a 12% increase in 2023, while customer spending via mobile apps escalated by 11% in the initial months of 2024

Part of this rapid growth is driven by platforms like Mobmio, which helps brands engage mobile users and increase purchases through mobile traffic channels, while the apps monetize their audiences and generate additional revenue. The company is focused on adapting to market demands and introducing dynamic features to further enhance user engagement and operational efficiency. The company is now actively working with dozens of apps. This collaborative approach with app developers and advertisers is poised to redefine mobile marketing landscapes. These innovations will help it increase the number of customers all over the world by 2.5 times in 2024 by redirecting its staff resources to expansion and development after the automation.

A common problem of many affiliate networks is that brands betting on mobile traffic have to study statistics from multiple sources – ad networks and trackers. This data is often incomplete and makes reconciliation difficult. Affiliate network managers have to spend more than 50% of their time manually bringing all these disparate pieces of data together so that the brand can get a more clear tracking picture. And even after these efforts, it is often impossible to achieve 100% transparency and accuracy of stats, because these services and platforms provide already processed, secondary data, and may miss some of the indicators.

The new platform will automatically collect raw data from the  efficient trackers, which will eliminate any inaccuracies in processing and will double the efficiency of the platform’s  team. The first wave will integrate the largest mobile trackers – Adjust and Appsflyer. The second wave will include the rest of the industry leaders – Mytracker, Impact, Branch and Custom. The new platform is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2024.

“With this strategic investment, we are not only enhancing our platform’s capabilities but also solidifying our commitment to revolutionizing mobile app growth. Our aim is to simplify the complex data landscape and provide actionable insights that drive real value for our clients.”, – Aleksandr Kryvosheiev, CEO of Mobmio.

About Mobmio

Mobmio is a mobile app growth platform, fostering an ecosystem for apps and publishers that utilizes CPI, CPL, CPA, and revenue share models to promote mutual success. Mobmio collaborates with apps across various sectors including e-commerce, finance, telecom, and taxi services.

Mobmio is a part of Mitgo Group, a global IT industry leader in AdTech and MarTech.

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