MIT45 CEO Ryan Niddel on Taking Others Under His Wing, Rising from Humble Beginnings, and Emerging as Ohio’s Top Growth Specialist

Given the complexities of entrepreneurship and the countless pitfalls that any aspirant could fall into, it’s easy for people to fall short of their goal of establishing a successful venture. After all, entrepreneurship entails more than designing products and creating services that can meet the demands of today’s markets. It takes grit, dedication, a clear-cut ambition, and an in-depth understanding of one’s target sector to gain traction and survive in such a competitive space. So, it pays off to seek the guidance of experts and those who have managed to overcome all odds and come out on the other side with an empire attached to their names. In taking others under his wing, MIT45 CEO Ryan Niddel places a heavy premium not on the values that aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs should espouse but also emphasizes the importance of mentorship. 

“I could not imagine how much different my life would be without powerful mentors,” said Ryan Niddel, the founder of kratom-based products provider MIT45. His appreciation for the power of mentorship remains deep to this day and stands at the heart of his efforts toward pushing others to great heights.

Currently part of the leading authorities on improving company revenue, Ryan Niddel took the first step toward the world of business at the age of 10. His go-getter attitude at such a young age piqued the interest of a local businessman who took him under his wing and guided him through the A to Zs of entrepreneurship when he was fourteen.

From a passion-fueled boy involved in a local lawn mowing operation to an accomplished power player, Ryan Niddel has come far. Over the years, he’s succeeded in securing and cementing a coveted position within the entrepreneurial realm. Apart from serving as a principal in a private equity group, he also sits on the board of directors of several ventures and is at the helm of two eight-figure companies, one of which is MIT45

Most impressive of Ryan Niddel’s long list of accomplishments is his rise to becoming Ohio’s top business growth specialist. Thanks to his technical know-how and knowledge of the industry, he has helped companies improve their profitability and achieve higher valuations. 

In all of his bold moves across multiple sectors, Ryan Niddel continued to hold great respect not only for mentors but also for his own abilities and arsenal of skills. Believing in one’s potential, in particular, is a crucial element to success, according to the MIT45 partner.

“The biggest piece of advice I would have for those who are beginning their entrepreneurial journeys is to lock into a solid faith in yourself,” Ryan Niddel shared. “I find as we create goals and initiatives, we get caught up in the ‘how’ questions. Well, I don’t have to worry about the ‘how’ questions as long as I can tap into how it feels, and I know now what that’s like. For me, it’s all faith-based. It’s belief-based. It’s this unwavering belief in oneself that where I want to arrive will show up.”


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