Milk Tyson Rethinking Charity with Fighting All Monsters (FAM)

For as long as we can remember, charity fundraising is about holding expensive galas for wealthy donors. One charity founder, Milk Tyson of Fighting All Monsters, has another way of imagining the charity experience. Through his non-profit, he and his team look to build a new way of raising funds by going straight to the people and removing all the fluff and formalities. 

“We want others to look at our non-profit differently—everyone could make an impact,” explains Milk. “We strive to be accessible to the general public and do so with a game plan of full transparency, human to human connection, and minimal bureaucracy.”

The non-profit organization Fighting All Monster, also known as FAM for short, has one singular mission—to help children and their families who face childhood cancer. Their many programs have provided financial, medical, and even emotional support to families whose children and younger loved ones face early age cancer. 

As an organization, Fighting All Monsters looks very different from the usually straight-cut not-for-profit organization.

“We are loud, but our voice is distinguished and rises above the noise of other non-profits because our actions are bold,” adds Tyson. “FAM is appealing to donors who want to cut the red tape and get the donations directly to FAMilies. We have a slogan, ‘Shut up and do something.’”

Much of the Fighting All Monsters culture stems from Milk Tyson as a person. The CEO and founder of the organization hails from humble Cape Cod. Later, Milk would move to Los Angeles to pursue more important things in life. While there, he met a family whose child was battling a rare type of childhood cancer. Moved immensely by the experience, he would spend the next three years spending time with families who were fighting for their children’s lives. Finally, in 2018, he decided to make childhood cancer his life-long mission and founded Fighting All Monsters. Since then, the organization has raised over a million dollars annually to provide help to children with cancer and their families. 

Recently, FAM hosted a getaway to Islamorada, Florida, for thirty mothers who had children with cancer—eleven of them lost their child. The event featured a time of solitude and rest with excursions, sightseeing, snorkeling, shopping trips, and many more. The team capped off the experience with a solemn moment to celebrate the memory of the lost children by releasing paper lanterns into the sky. Apart from events like this, the organization has also given emergency cash aid to over a hundred families and hosted family gatherings and other support-driven activities for beneficiaries.

Fighting All Monsters also deploys a full-transparency system that shows donors where their money goes in real-time and provides all financials on their website. FAM has done more than give money and mount events by taking a more authentic and grassroots approach. It has also created a strong family culture amongst donors and recipients in the process, which is changing the way people view non-profit work. Learn more about Fighting All Monsters by visiting its website and Instagram profile.


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