Middle-Tier Need Not Apply: Why Cole Gordon and Closers.io Vet Candidates to Build Self-Sustaining Sales Teams That Run Themselves

If your business is looking for a reliable, dedicated and successful team of sales representatives, it’s time to consider Cole Gordon and his team at Closers.io. The company helps clients build a high-performing sales team that runs itself, so founders and CEOs can focus on leading their organization instead of managing the sales team. In fact, Gordon and his team have consulted many top names in the alternative education space, including Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi, among others.

Closers.io vets, recruits and trains top-tier sales reps and places them into high-performing sales teams at client companies, as well as its own pipeline, a network that includes more than 13,000+ sales professionals. Once proven, these sales reps are then hired by clients to support the continued growth efforts at their respective companies.

Closers.io, in conjunction with Gordon, consult and educate both sales professionals and clients on how to create, build and sustain growth, performance and revenue via remote sales ops.

“We help clients build a remote sales team that basically runs on autopilot. The easiest way to encapsulate why we started the company is because, as a high-performing sales rep, myself, I was always asked where companies can find good sales reps,” Gordon said. “Good sales people know other good sales people. That’s a fact. That is also the key to recruiting good sales people too. You leverage them, their network and find referrals.”

Gordon has built quite the career, having earned as much as $400,000 per month during his time as a sales rep but has since gone on to become an influential figure in the sales consulting space. He’s also built a social media following of over 600,000+, 500K of that on Instagram alone, including 12K on YouTube. He has certainly positioned himself as the go-to thought leader in building successful and scalable sales teams for clients.

Trust the Process

Closers.io aims to educate its clients on becoming the type of leaders that people want to follow, while using its Remote Closing Academy to pave the way for hungry and motivated sales reps to become the high-performers those companies need them to be.

The accelerator program was created to help sales professionals, consultants, service providers, and coaches all reach the highest levels of performance and professionalism. As a result, Gordon’s team combines its expertise to help clients build a team of sales reps, setters and closers, all of whom are trained in his unique and ethical selling methodology.

“We do not outsource talent, but rather help companies build internal sales teams that essentially run themselves,” stated Gordon. “Let’s face it, the last thing any entrepreneur wants is for an outsourced sales team to leave the company. That’s why we recruit, hire and train Top 1% sales reps instead.”

The exclusive accelerator program at Closers.io teaches valuable skills and necessary techniques to help them perform in leadership-driven sales initiatives. The program includes four hallmarks to its curriculum, ‘assets and economics’, ‘recruiting and hiring’, ‘accelerated training’ and ‘systems and management’.

“Most businesses make the mistake of attempting to build a sales team with no foundation in place,” Gordon said. “There are two keys to building a strong foundation, assets and economics. The asset, or validated offer, is a repeatable sales process, while the economics is a scalable structure. Both of these in place is what lures top-tier sales talent to our client’s companies.”

Additionally, Gordon and Co., in an effort to avoid high turnover, suggest hiring from an abundance mindset. This is part of the reason why Closers.io vets candidates before they’re interviewed to take part in the program.

This methodology has allowed Closers.io to build a significant candidate pool in its pipeline.

Once sales professionals finish the accelerator program, they are much more consistent and predictable in their day-to-day performance. That’s why most business owners begin seeing one less ‘lost’ deal per week as a result of the program, usually within the first 30-60 days on the job.

With the ability to scale one’s business to as high as 7-8 figures, via a Closers.io-taught sales team that focuses on data-driven and smart decisions, clients would be smart to inquire with Gordon and his team of experts.

About Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon is the CEO of Closers.io, the leading sales and marketing education and training company that fulfills companies’ needs for talented sales teams. Gordon is an 8-figure entrepreneur, investor, and sales trainer who has sold over $10 million worth of online coaching, consulting, and agency services. For more information about Gordon, please visit https://www.instagram.com/colethomasgordon/?hl=en and for more about Closers.io, visit https://closers.io/.


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