Michelle Bartlett: Redefining Property Wealth

Michelle Bartlett- Redefining Property Wealth
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By: Maria Williams

Michelle Bartlett, the driving force behind 1031 Solutions Group, has established herself as a unique figure in real estate investment, particularly in 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges. Working in the background, she’s quietly helping clients save millions through her knowledge of how tax laws related to real estate work.   

She began her professional journey with a mid-size regional bank back in 2002 where she developed a personalized approach to banking services by focusing extensively on building long-term relationships with clientele who valued her insights along with her ability to retain client confidentiality where she was able to win over a who’s-who of clients that included prominent figures in real estate, entertainment, and family offices.  “My focus from day one has been really just saving them the most money and helping them achieve a stronger financial position.”

One factor that contributed to Michelle’s success early on was her ability to direct all the moving parts; tying together real estate investors with their advisors injecting new life into the bank’s customer engagement model.  “It came really naturally, it was surprising in fact that no one was already doing it,” she says matter of factly.

Transitioning from banking to establishing her venture, 1031 Solutions Group, was a strategic move for Bartlett.  “There was a lot more opportunity and as I became a mom I needed more flexibility.”  Fast forward to 2023, her firm is more than a consultancy; it is a vital resource for real estate investors and advisors, including agents, brokers, and legal professionals. Bartlett’s expertise covers the entire scope of the 1031 Exchange process, simplifying a complex and often intimidating procedure for her clients, from being there for the disposal of their current property to acquiring a new one.

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Her role is more than just consultation; she immerses herself in every aspect of the exchange process, ensuring a seamless transition for her clients. Her efforts in debunking misconceptions and promoting understanding in this specialized market enable real estate investors to maximize the advantages of 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges.

Bartlett mainly addresses the misconception regarding the scope of potential replacement properties. She does not merely facilitate transactions; she opens doors to alternative investments and lucrative solutions, often beyond her clients’ initial considerations. Her proficiency extends to identifying potentially suitable DSTs (Delaware Statutory Trusts) and alternative 1031 Investments, adding depth and diversity to her client’s portfolios.

The essence of her work is a strategic blend of tax deferral and wealth building. Using 1031 Exchanges, her clients can defer taxes and reinvest in higher-value properties, potentially boosting their asset growth. This aspect of her consultancy is not just about avoiding taxes; it is a strategic approach to possibly propel wealth accumulation.  Uniquely bringing together everything about the 1031 process for her clients under one roof.  She combines careful planning, deep knowledge, and a strong understanding of her clients’ needs. She is not just a consultant; she is a strategic partner, guiding her clients through the tricky world of real estate investment.  “It’s full of ‘gotcha’s’ if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

It’s precisely this skill in handling the tricky parts of 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges that makes her a trailblazer in the field.  Often being sought for speaking engagements, expert panels and mentorship.  

For investors seeking to potentially maximize their returns and make informed decisions, Michelle’s comprehensive approach and wealth of experience make her an invaluable asset in their investment journey. 



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