From Florence, Italy to Finding Emotional Freedom: Micaela Passeri’s Version of the American Dream

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Micaela Passeri Left Luxury and Rebuilt Her Wealth – Starting With Her Emotions

Micaela Passeri, an award-winning Emotional Intelligence and Business Strategist, has cultivated a career by intertwining the realms of emotion and entrepreneurship. Born rich in Florence, Italy, she grew up in the company of high-profile families such as the Guccis. However, this opulent upbringing was merely the prologue to her life story. She moved to America in her twenties with a dream and a heavy suitcase filled with the emotional baggage of her culture, family dynamics, and past relationships. Yet, this was just the beginning of her transformative journey.

Micaela Passeri: A Journey from Florence to Financial Freedom

Micaela’s journey is a testament to overcoming personal and financial challenges. She struggled with self-esteem and self-love, and the feelings of inadequacy affected her accomplishments. Further hardship ensued with the passing of her father a year after her move to the States, igniting her commitment to personal development. Micaela sought to overcome her feelings of inferiority and resolve her emotional turmoil. Certified in Emotion Code, NLP and the Law of Attraction, she embarked on her journey to becoming a coach, mirroring her personal healing process in her professional services.

Micaela’s business ventures were diverse and successful, despite personal tribulations. She built her first multiple six-figure businesses—an import-export handbag venture—during the grieving period for her father. Later, she launched a million-dollar jewelry business, again proving her knack for entrepreneurship.

Emotional Release Meets Business Strategy

Passeri’s business coaching approach is unique and powerfully effective. She combines emotional release techniques that tap into the subconscious mind with practical business strategies. In her methodology, business success is firmly anchored in an individual’s emotional intelligence and their ability to sever emotional ties of the past.

Her professional expertise, coupled with her personal experiences of overcoming emotional hurdles, enables her to help entrepreneurs understand the role of emotions in their business success. By marrying business implementation, planning, strategy, and emotional subconscious release work, she guides her clients from feeling stuck and stagnant to becoming ‘Emotional Ninjas’—happy, hopeful, and healed.

Defining Success: A Multifaceted Approach to Personal and Professional Growth

Passeri’s definition of success extends beyond monetary gains—it’s a rich tapestry of personal development, emotional balance, and business achievement. For her clients, success lies in boosting self-confidence, tapping into inner wisdom, increasing productivity, and overcoming emotional barriers that cripple business momentum. Her ultimate goal is to help clients reach a state where they are financially capable and emotionally liberated.

On a personal level, success for Passeri means the freedom to enjoy her American life without losing the essence of her Italian roots. It means being able to travel and spend time with friends and family in Italy while continuing to make a significant impact on the lives of entrepreneurs through her coaching. As she leads the Global Woman Club in Los Angeles, Passeri is living proof that success is possible when you dare to face your emotions, the dedication to your craft, and the resilience to never give up.

As Passeri continues to inspire others on their journey, she proves that your heart’s desires are achievable with intentionality and perseverance. Her story is a powerful message about the interplay between emotional intelligence and business acumen. Her success serves as an inspiring reminder: not only can you master your emotional intelligence, but you can also channel it to reach new heights in your entrepreneurial ventures.

To learn more about Micaela Passeri or to keep up with her speaking events and daily inspiration, you can visit her website. You can also follow her on Instagram for more daily tips and inspiration.

You can also see her live in person at her event in Los Angeles, The Money Breakthrough – an event where Passeri will help you master your subconscious mind, understand your brain’s money talk, and unlock strategies to take your business to the next level. 


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