Metari Launches A.L.I.C.E: AI Transforming Real Estate

Metari Launches A.L.I.C.E AI Transforming Real Estate
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Metari Media , led by Sam Lepcha and Meekail Khan, a prominent player in real estate marketing and appointment setting, is poised to disrupt the industry once again with the impending launch of its latest breakthrough: ALICE (Automated Lead Interaction & Conversion Engine), slated for release this April. ALICE represents a transformative leap forward, promising to redefine how real estate professionals engage with potential clients and manage leads efficiently.

Renowned for its expertise in harnessing the power of Facebook and Instagram ads to generate high-quality leads, Metari has built a solid reputation within the industry. Their unique referral-based partnership model allows real estate agents to focus on sales while Metari handles lead generation, with commissions paid only upon successful transactions originating from Metari’s leads. With the introduction of ALICE, Metari aims to enhance its service offerings by delivering an innovative solution that sets a new benchmark in lead engagement and conversion.

ALICE: Revolutionizing Real Estate Engagement

ALICE, the Automated Lead Interaction & Conversion Engine, is engineered to ensure no lead slips through the cracks, offering seamless engagement round-the-clock. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, ALICE conducts conversations that closely mimic human interactions, fostering trust and significantly boosting conversion rates.

Key features of ALICE include:

24/7 Availability- Ensures immediate engagement with leads at any hour of the day.

Human-like Conversations– ALICE’s sophisticated algorithms enable it to engage in interactions indistinguishable from those of a human agent.

Rapid Response– Engages with leads in under five seconds, drastically improving lead capture and conversion rates.

Extended Nurturing– Capable of sustained follow-up, keeping potential buyers and sellers engaged over prolonged periods.

Effortless Follow-ups-  Streamlines the lead management process by automating follow-up communications.

Detailed Interaction Logs– Records every conversation meticulously, providing valuable insights for further optimization of strategies.

As the anticipation builds for the April launch, industry insiders are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of ALICE. This innovative tool is not just a technological advancement; it’s a strategic asset poised to provide Metari’s clients with a significant competitive edge in lead management and client engagement.

“We are thrilled to introduce ALICE to the real estate world this April,” commented a spokesperson for Metari. “ALICE embodies our commitment to innovation and our unwavering pursuit of excellence. More than just a tool, this Automated Lead Interaction & Conversion Engine represents the future of real estate engagement, empowering our clients with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their lead management endeavors.”

With ALICE’s impending debut, Metari continues to reinforce its position as a trailblazer in the real estate industry, driving forward with cutting-edge solutions that redefine standards and propel businesses to new heights of success. As the industry braces for this groundbreaking release, one thing is certain: ALICE is poised to revolutionize the way real estate professionals engage with their leads and convert prospects into valued clients.

This April, prepare to witness the next evolution in real estate lead management. For more information and for the latest updates, visit 

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