Meet the Man Curating Global Investment in Sustainability with CC Forum: Max Studennikoff

Max Studennikoff
By: Bryan Santos

By: Bryan Santos

Amid Dubai’s vibrant metropolis, against the backdrop of Cop28, emerged an expansive center of conversation at the CC Forum, founded by Max Studennikoff. A luminary in the realm of climate-focused impact investing, Max, the founder of CC Forum, revealed the forum’s origins, evolution, and pivotal role in our collective pursuit of a sustainable future.

The Genesis of a Visionary

In the opening chapter of our dialogue, Max traced his journey from being a sought-after international speaker to the founder of CC Forum. “There was a gap,” Max reflected. “What I participated in didn’t meet my expectations or the urgent needs of our time.” A conversation with a governor of the Bank of England in Davos ignited the spark. Urged to create a platform uniting influencers and doers, Max began CC Forum in 2018, driven by a mission to converge influential minds with a passion for positive global change.

CC Forum’s Odyssey – From London to Dubai and the Epoch of Cop28

As the narrative unfolded, Max painted a vivid picture of CC Forum’s evolution, from its early editions in London and Malta to receiving blessings from Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert of Monaco. With unexpected twists and triumphs, the journey led to hosting the event during Cop28 in Dubai. Max elucidated, “The goal is to converge the efforts of the investors’ community with the political framework, a pivotal theme at CC Forum Dubai.”

The Essence of CC Forum – Uniting Investors with Impact Solutions

Diving into the core of CC Forum’s mission, Max outlined the event’s format and intensity during Cop28. “In Cop28, we downsized to two intense days, laser-focused on the investment side of climate change solutions,” he explained. CC Forum’s practical mission is to connect discerning investors with groundbreaking startups and projects. The showcased initiatives span from capturing carbon dioxide to growing rice in the desert and converting food waste into alternative diesel fuel.

Beyond Climate Change – The Holistic Approach of CC Forum

Max delved into the philosophy behind the name “CC Forum,” stating, “CC stands for climate change, but we’re open to interpretations like communication and connectivity.” CC Forum adopts a holistic approach, exploring topics such as healthcare, education, real estate, finance, and social inclusion, all systematically revolving around climate change.

A Gathering of Visionaries – Attendance and Key Speakers at CC Forum Dubai

Highlighting the distinguished attendees, Max enumerated that CC Forum Dubai was graced by a constellation of influential leaders, including heads of state, esteemed royal family members, ministers steering policy, and high-net-worth individuals passionate about driving change. “It’s not just about their presence; CC Forum acts as a bridge, filling the void left by policymakers. We focus on tangible investment-based solutions and issue calls for immediate action, creating a powerful nexus of influence committed to shaping a sustainable future.”

Gunter Pauli, Gustavo Montero, HRH Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Chivunga, Yana Leonova

Pinnacles and Soundbites – Memorable Moments and Top Quotes

Max identified vital moments, including the impactful statement by the President of Palau on the plight of small islands, stating “we contribute the least, but we are suffering the most”, and Gunther Pauli’s announcement of launching 100 net-zero ships. A significant highlight was a creation of a multi-billion dollar fund seamlessly aligned with CC Forum.

Hon. Surangel Whipps, President of Palau and Oloshula Gegele, CC Forum’s Ambassador for Africa

The Future of ESG and CC Forum’s Pioneering Role

Max acknowledged the UN’s leading role in climate discussions and stressed the need for collective efforts to implement the 17 SDG principles. CC Forum’s role, he asserted, is to spotlight groundbreaking projects and encourage investors to contribute to a sustainable future.

Paving the Way for Change – Making Companies Climate-Friendly in 2024

In discussing transitioning from fossil fuels, Max emphasized that the transition from fossil fuels demands a robust framework, and political guidance is paramount. “It’s heartening to witness a surge in conscientiousness among investors,” he explained. “They are no longer solely driven by profits but are actively seeking investments with positive environmental and social impacts. This shift is a testament to a growing awareness that aligning financial goals with sustainability is not just a choice but a responsibility we all share.”

Dr Doris Uzoka-Anite, Hon. Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment of Nigeria with Dr Gunter Pauli, author of Blue Economy

Max concluded with a deeply personal touch, revealing, “I’m doing this for my kids. I want them to find food and water in 20 or 30 years.” CC Forum, he asserted, is not about doom-mongering but about spotlighting projects capable of creating positive change.

The Road Ahead – What’s Next for CC Forum?

Looking ahead, Max shared plans for two events in 2024, possibly in the USA or a European capital for the Spring/Summer edition and an 11th edition in a prominent African country in October. A more minor event during Cop29 in Azerbaijan is also on the horizon.

In impact investing and climate solutions, Max Studennikof stands as a driving force, steering CC Forum toward a future where global collaboration and investment pave the way for a sustainable and resilient planet. As the pages turn in this evolving narrative, CC Forum remains a beacon of hope and action, uniting visionaries for a shared vision of a better tomorrow.


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