Meet the CEO Demystifying Software Licensing

Demystifying Software Licensing
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The evolution of the software licensing industry has been marked by complexity and frustrations, often leaving tech-savvy individuals scratching their heads in confusion. Julian Hamood, now celebrated as a “Top 5 CEO Shaping the Future of Business,” experienced these challenges. This experience, combined with over a decade of immersion in the software licensing world, catalyzed Julian’s ambition to transform the industry.

As the President of Trusted Tech Team, Julian Hamood isn’t just your typical corporate leader. With responsibilities spanning from strategic direction to fostering innovation and maintaining external relationships, Julian’s hands-on approach has been a guiding light for his enterprise. This active engagement in all business facets has solidified his reputation as a leader who leads by example.

But Julian’s journey didn’t commence with just a vision to demystify software solutions. Over the years, his entrepreneurial eyes felt a gap in the IT industry. Plenty of players were in the game, but few coaches to guide users through the complex licensing procedures.

As Julian would tell you, building Trusted Tech Team from scratch has been anything but linear. The quest for a seamless, user-friendly service that offered substantial value to clients was fraught with challenges. However, the lessons learned from each hurdle didn’t just fortify the company’s foundation; they sculpted Julian’s leadership style, emphasizing resilience, perseverance, and true team spirit.

 The true essence of Trusted Tech Team, however, isn’t just in the products or solutions it offers. Julian always believed a thriving company culture is the bedrock of lasting success. This philosophy resonated throughout the company, transforming routine business operations into vibrant celebrations of challenges and victories.

However, the journey is not without accolades. Becoming one of the first Microsoft Partners to earn a Solutions Partner designation in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program was no small feat. But, the recognitions in 2022 as one of the “Most Promising Microsoft Solutions Providers” and the “Company of the Year” designation by CIO Times truly underscored their industry standing.

Under Julian’s leadership, the company went beyond just being a service provider. He envisioned a world where software procurement is an effortless experience. This vision turned into a reality in 2017 when Julian and a group of like-minded enthusiasts laid the foundation for Trusted Tech Team, with a mission to turn every client engagement into a success story.

Today, Trusted Tech Team doesn’t just offer Microsoft 365 licensing and IT solutions. It’s a beacon, illuminating a path of simplicity in an otherwise convoluted sector. Businesses worldwide, once bogged down by inefficiencies and inflated licensing costs, now find solace in Trusted Tech Team’s streamlined approach.

To other CEOs, Julian’s journey offers more than just a business lesson. It’s an invitation to envision, innovate, and instill values that transcend beyond products or services. Trusted Tech Team isn’t just about simplifying software licensing—it mirrors Julian’s vision of nurturing relationships, cultivating company culture, and elevating customer support. It’s about creating a business that aids other businesses in achieving their utmost potential.

 With the UK market already under its belt and Europe in its sights, the horizon is vast for Julian and his team. The dream? A global model where software licensing is demystified for everyone, everywhere. As Trusted Tech Team prepares for its next act, there’s an undeniable truth – under Julian’s guidance, they’re not just serving businesses but revolutionizing an industry.


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