Meet Shakeel Ahmed, M.D. CEO, Atlas Surgical Group

Meet Shakeel Ahmed, M.D. CEO, Atlas Surgical Group
Photo Courtesy: Steve Miles

By: Steve Miles

Steve Miles, a renowned Journalist, had the rare opportunity to interview  Shakeel Ahmed, M.D., CEO of Atlas Surgical Group, one of the largest healthcare franchises in the Midwest. Shakeel sat down with us to provide a brief history of his enterprise and share his keys to success and future vision. Here’s how it went: 

Steve Miles: Can you share the story of how Atlas Surgical Group began establishing ambulatory surgery centers?

Shakeel Ahmed: Absolutely. Atlas Surgical Group, recognized as the largest private owner of Ambulatory Surgery Centers in the Midwest, started with the vision of providing accessible and efficient surgical services. Leveraging our regional success, we expanded to meet the growing demand for specialized outpatient care. Our strategy has proven successful both domestically and internationally, allowing us to expand our footprint globally.

Steve Miles: What were the main hurdles you encountered when starting your surgery centers?

Shakeel Ahmed: Initially, the challenges were immense, especially in navigating the complex healthcare regulations and establishing high standards of patient care. As part of Atlas Surgical Group, we had the advantage of a robust operational framework, which helped us streamline processes and scale effectively. Our reputation as a leading provider in the Midwest also provided a solid foundation for our international expansion.

Steve Miles: How do you ensure the maintenance of high-quality care as your business scales up?

Shakeel Ahmed: Quality assurance is paramount in our operations. We implement stringent protocols, conduct continuous training, and adopt the latest medical technologies. This commitment to excellence is crucial as we continue to open Ambulatory Surgery Centers around the world, ensuring that every new location meets our high standards.

Steve Miles: Could you describe your leadership style and how it influences your organization?

Shakeel Ahmed: My leadership style is collaborative and strategic. At Atlas Surgical Group, we prioritize innovation and patient-centric care, which influences our approach to expanding internationally. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and excellence, we empower our teams across all locations to contribute to our global success.

Steve Miles: What strategies do you employ to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in your field?

Shakeel Ahmed: Staying connected with the latest developments in medical research and surgical technology is essential. At Atlas Surgical Group, we invest in cutting-edge technology and ensure our medical teams are trained to the highest standard. This approach is vital as we expand globally, ensuring that each of our centers is equipped to offer state-of-the-art care.

Steve Miles: What has been your most successful approach to marketing your surgery centers?

Shakeel Ahmed: Our most successful marketing strategy has been leveraging the strong brand reputation of Atlas Surgical Group. Known as a large player in the ASC business in the Midwest and acclaimed for our international operations, we utilize this reputation to assure potential clients of our commitment to quality and innovation.

Steve Miles: How do you differentiate your services from other competitors in the market?

Shakeel Ahmed: Atlas Surgical Group sets itself apart by combining high-quality, patient-focused care with operational excellence. Our international success allows us to bring a diverse set of best practices and innovative procedures to every local market we enter, differentiating our services from local competitors.

Steve Miles: What advice would you give to healthcare professionals looking to start their own ASC?

Shakeel Ahmed: My advice is to focus on building a solid operational foundation and to understand the healthcare needs of your target market deeply. For those within the Atlas Surgical Group, we provide a framework and support system that leverages our extensive experience in both the Midwest and international markets to guide new ASCs towards success.

Steve Miles: Looking forward, how do you perceive the evolution of ambulatory surgical care?

Shakeel Ahmed: The future is promising, especially with advancements in minimally invasive technologies. Atlas Surgical Group is at the forefront, driving changes that make surgical care more accessible and efficient worldwide.

Steve Miles: What are your future plans for expanding or enhancing the services offered at your centers?

Shakeel Ahmed: We plan to continue our expansion, opening new centers across different continents. We’re also enhancing our existing services with the latest technologies and training, ensuring that Atlas Surgical Group remains a leader in the field of ambulatory surgical care. We are expanding our Ambulatory Surgery Centers into South America, Canada, and Africa. Our centers have carved out a niche in spine surgery and orthopedic surgery, among other specialties. The sky is the limit for Atlas Surgical Group.


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