Mattz Multimedia: Your Gateway to Excellence in Performing and Creative Arts

Mattz Multimedia: Your Gateway to Excellence in Performing and Creative Arts
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In the highly competitive realm of performing and creative arts, the path to excellence is often complex and challenging. One organization that stands out as a beacon of support in navigating this path is Mattz Multimedia. With its roots in Africa and a mission that extends beyond its borders, Mattz Multimedia is dedicated to training both raw and skilled talents, fostering their growth, and catapulting them into the limelight. The commitment to providing “more than wow!” experiences for their clients and students forms the cornerstone of the Mattz Multimedia brand.

The Brand

At the helm of Mattz Multimedia is the dynamic Matthew Obinna Chukwudi, founder and chairman. Under his leadership, the brand strives to provide services that are not just remarkable, but genuinely transformative. Mr. Chukwudi’s belief that “Excellence is achievable when one contends to be exceptional” underscores the brand’s dedication to fostering unique talents. Coupled with a team of experienced professionals and state-of-the-art facilities, Mattz Multimedia has positioned itself as a potter’s wheel for honing artistic ability and a launch pad for propelling talents into the spotlight.

Mattz Multimedia: Your Gateway to Excellence in Performing and Creative Arts

Vision and Values

The vision and mission of Mattz Multimedia extend beyond merely offering services. The brand envisions itself as a platform for raising world-leading performing and creative artists through an engaging team and innovative facilities. To this end, it seeks to model innovative media and creative arts, not only in Africa but globally.

Three core values guide all endeavors at Mattz Multimedia: Integrity, Creativity, and Teamwork. These values are at the heart of the organization, shaping its interactions with clients, its training methods, and its approach to the creative arts.

Academic Programs and Mentorship

Mattz Multimedia offers academic programs and mentorship opportunities designed to prepare budding artists for the demanding world of performing arts. The Music Performance program, for instance, is a comprehensive course aimed at training professional instrumentalists and singers. This course imparts the confidence and competence required to perform on any stage, offering training from basic to advanced levels.

In addition to this, Mattz Multimedia provides a Saturday Music School aimed at exposing young learners to music. This foundational class offers two hours of music instruction each Saturday, wherein students learn to play a primary instrument and interact with peers at a similar skill level. The course covers a wide range of areas, including the rudiments of music, voice training, songwriting, and dance, with a variety of instruments available for learning.

Mattz Multimedia: Your Gateway to Excellence in Performing and Creative Arts

Mattz Multimedia also offers a unique mentorship program, “Tea or Coffee”. This monthly gathering invites celebrities and professionals from the media and creative art industry to share their experiences, interact with upcoming artists, and provide valuable industry insight. The initiative also creates a platform for students to showcase their skills and network with industry leaders.

One exciting addition to their program offerings is “Skill-Up”, a new initiative designed to blend creativity with technology. In collaboration with IT and Graphics professionals, “Skill-Up” educates young people, aged 6 to 16, in Web development, UI/UX, and Graphic Design. Moreover, Mattz Multimedia’s in-house professionals impart knowledge of Music Instruments, Photography, and Videography to these young learners, instilling a well-rounded skill set for the modern world.

Explore the world of Mattz Multimedia on various online platforms. Visit their Instagram for engaging content and the Mattz Multimedia website for a comprehensive overview of their work and services.

In an era where creative and performing arts are evolving at an unprecedented pace, Mattz Multimedia stands as a vanguard in arts education. Its commitment to fostering talent, upholding core values, and building bridges between budding artists and industry professionals is commendable. As Mattz Multimedia continues to grow and influence the landscape of performing and creative arts, it remains a beacon for anyone seeking to launch into the industry or refine their skills. Undoubtedly, Mattz Multimedia is not just a training institution but a transformative experience that imparts the confidence and competence needed to shine brightly in the creative world.

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