Matt Kirkegaard, Movement Property Group Founder, Brings Townhomes to Nashville’s High End Market

Movement Property Group Founder Matt Kirkegaard knows the Nashville luxury property market — and his city — to a T. That’s why he jumped at the chance to partner with Harpeth Valley Homes to bring upmarket Lockewood Townhomes to the Nashville market.

Though the music city is known more for sprawling estates and homes with lush rolling lawns and even a horse or two, luxury townhomes have not been a large component of Nashville’s property market. 

“I usually deal in luxury homes, but Lockewood Townhomes, with their modern, high-end designs and their location in the heart of trendy East Nashville, are the perfect marriage of high-end and trendy while still being accessible,” said Kirkegaard.

The new development will be opened in three phases, each containing eight gorgeous townhomes. Going by the names Lockewood Neill, Lockewood Nine, and Lockewood Myrtle, they offer a peaceful, natural setting but are just minutes from the best Nashville has to offer.

Each airy, natural-hued unit boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a two-car garage, rooftop deck, and stunning design. Those who are first in line during the pre-sale stage, they can choose from a range of design packages to make their townhome truly their dream house. 

Nashville’s Property Expert

Kirkegaard founded his Nashville luxury real estate firm after moving to the city 15 years ago from Wyoming to chase his musical dreams. He has since found a parallel love for real estate and has been named among Tennessee’s top 100 real estate agents in Tennessee. He is always among the first experts quoted when journalists are writing about property trends in the music city. He’s a rich source of advice, opinions, and information since he’s not only passionate about the city’s real estate but also an avid supporter of its music, arts, charity, and food and drink scenes.

As he sees more people drawn to Nashville as a retirement spot, part-time home, or winter dwelling, he understands that luxury townhomes are more attractive than standalone homes. 

“These amazing townhomes are great since you don’t need to be on-hand all the time, managing the lawn, home repairs, and all the rest. Whether you’re a busy music exec without time for those details, or a performer that plans to only spend part of the year here, an incredible townhome is the easiest plug-and-play solution for creating a base in Nashville,” he said. 

City Supporter

When buying a townhome from Kirkegaard or any of the Movement Property Group team, you can expect a level of clued-in realness. He teaches his agents to act as community advocates, not just real estate agents. 

“At Movement, we don’t just sell homes in Nashville. We sell Nashville itself,” said Kirkegaard. “That means we tell you where the best pizza place is. We might even take you there after a showing. We all love Nashville and spend our downtime becoming experts on the city. You can ask your movement agency where the best schools are, which bookstores have the best local books, and where to go for a lazy Sunday brunch,” he said. 

This philosophy not only stems from a simple love of the city, but it’s also supportive of his business. “People don’t move to Nashville for a luxury townhome, let’s be honest, they come for the music, the weather, the nearby nature, and the vibe of it all!” he said. “The more that we support those independent businesses and introduce newcomers to them, the happier they will be here, and the more those places will flourish. It’s a self-fulfilling thing,” he said. 

To that end, if you are interested in Nashville but can’t visit for a showing, Kirkegaard hosts an online show called “Selling Nashville.” Its past episodes outline luxury homes and property around the city, but more recently, he’s shifted his focus to introducing viewers to his favorite city hotspots. It’s just another facet of how he shares his love for Nashville.  

If a townhome in Nashville sounds good to you, Kirkegaard and his team are offering introductory pricing and lots of incentives through the end of November for units that will be ready for living in the Spring of 2023.

About Matt Kirkegaard and Movement Property Group

Movement Property Group (Keller Williams), created by musician and real estate agent Matt Kirkegaard, specializes in luxury and affordable housing throughout most of Tennessee, including East and West Nashville, where the company is headquartered. Kirkegaard is accompanied by Ruben Juarez and Aaron Ammon at Movement Property Group. Kirkegaard and Co. strive to make the homebuying and homeselling processes as efficient and effortless as possible. For more information and to see Movement Property Group’s impressive real estate inventory, please visit


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